Mobile Fidelity Readies For Release Two Made In U.S.A. Turntables

Mobile Fidelity, best known for its superb vinyl reissues is close to releasing two made in America turntables and a phono preamplifier.

The turntables were first shown a year ago in rough prototypical form. This year they are closer to launch. The 'tables were designed with input from veteran turntable designer Allen Perkins, with help from Harmonic Resolution Systems' vibration control expert Mike Latvis. The phono preamp design relied upon the expertise of EAR's Tim DeParavicini, who also was responsible for the Mo-Fi's superb mastering suite.

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I don't know if there's a way to suggest this to MoFi, but if they could add a line in to their phono preamp, if they haven't already, it would greatly add to the versatility. This would allow one, for example, to connect a DAC to it - no need to buy a separate headphone amp just to listen to digital sources, and only a single cable would be needed going to powered speakers.

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great to see more made-in-the usa analog products at sensible prices.
the turntable power switch so close to the stylusis just asking for trouble !
interesting phono stage with mono.

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Just cashing in with junk products

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Your comment is truly absurd. These are carefully designed and considered, high quality products at affordable price points.
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You make an assertion with nothing to back it up. On what do you base your assertion? I might as well assert that you're an 8-toed slime monster. Perhaps you are. We don't know.

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This is sold by a company where most of the 80's records had hardly any bottom end and claimed they were audiophile. I sold all my MFSL's from the 80's got and got a good amount of money for them . Now you want me to take MFSL seriously when they sell a LP HOLDER (Just bent a metal book end for 3 buck) for the absurd amount of 40.00.

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Calling equipment crap without having heard it is not justified.

MoFi has done some great work and some not so great work. Still, they have some significantly serious equipment. To dismiss their unheard products as crap undermines your credibility.

BTW, I wasn't name calling. I was pointing out that ANYTHING you or I assert without being able to back it up is worthless.

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MFSL is worthless and will never gain my trust again. Yes it is name calling no mater how you want to sugarcoat it. You are immature and probably pretentious.

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You do realize that Mofi is a different company than it was in the 70s and 80s right? They were bought out by Music Direct several years ago and they are a much different company then they were in their old days. I would suggest you try some of the more recent Mofi titles (like any of the newer Bob Dylan or Miles Davis ones) before calling them worthless. These are some of the best masterings of these titles I have ever heard.

Also to call something trash before it has even come out is just completely absurd. Just because you may have been unsatisfied with products they made 30+ years ago doesn't mean these new ones are going to be equally bad.

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Because if you do, your comments are inconsistent with your actions. If you think Audi is makes a nice car, but you can't afford one (R8), then your comments are also inconsistent. You sound old enough to remember the Audi alleged acceleration issues of the mid-80's that almost crippled the company. That hasn't stopped them from making a great product today.

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And their newest mastering techniques are among the greatest on the planet??

They are backed by a much larger company, with greater technology and resources.

Whatever happened to your jaded ass back in the 70's really never received the requisite mental therapy it clearly needs now.

40 years...? Really.

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Hurst motor, inverted ball bearing built to a high standard (no I didn't bring a forking micrometer with me to measure) and with input of Allen Perkins who has designed for SOTA and for his own brands RPM and now Spiral Groove, these are carefully considered products. They've been working to get this finished for more than a year since showing at last year's CES. I am not an 8-toed slime monster but what you are we do know! I'll let others clue you in.
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I've had some colourful insults hurled in my direction over the years, but that's a new one on me... I really must try harder Mikey!!!

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You have no clue who we are nor what we know.

Jaded minds deserve no rest from their demons.

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Some sad people have so little in their lives that trolling on web discussion boards are all they have to make them feel good.

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to keep 40 years of bitterness over something that most likely was his fault?? Ie- having a 1970's stereo system expect to transport him to a semblance of what hear today?

Mofi was good then, but they are AMAZING now (and owned by a much more dedicated and proactive company as well).

If their One-Step (and the rest of their pressings) sucked, people would bitch about it and not buy. They don't.

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I have to say I was really taken with the look of the Mofi turntables, simplicity itself although I know a lot of work into them!

Keep them coming Michael, really up to the minute news on what is available!

James, Dublin, Ireland

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The ultra especially. I agree they should move the on/off switch away from the cartridge. The "salesman" needs to loosen up a bit also....

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Great price points on these. Looking forward to an in depth review of the Ultra and the preamp. And yeah...the switch is too close to the stylus!

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... appear to be one of the better collaborations between distributor / cash benefactor and designer. Simple to the point of appearing austere, yet you can appreciate the details and thought going into them.

I wish them well, while wondering why a similar initiative hadn't been done earlier. If you make special software, it's worthwhile to also sell special hardware for it.

Perhaps the silos companies put themselves in are truly an indication of how small our beloved hobby is.

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He also owns Music Direct, one of the largest sellers of many different brands of turntables. He would have to walk a fine line, having his own brand of turntable but also selling turntables produced by the competition.

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And proves over the last decade he has made amazing strides in vinyl innovation.

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If Allen Perkins is involved the tables should be superb for the price. I will let Mr. Fremer either confirm or deny that assertion.

Love my SOTA but if I had the long green I would sure love to sit in front of a spiral groove.

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A distinction was made in this video between a turntable base and a plinth. I always called it a plinth when the platter and arm were all attached to a fixed structure (as with a Rega for example) and a base when the plinth was suspended ie. Thorens, Linn, Dual etc. From the video it looks like the MoFi tables are of the Rega style. Could someone clarify this for me please?

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Allen Perkins doesn't like the term "plinth" so he's gotten the Mo-Fi folks to use "base" instead. There is no spring suspended "plinth" containing the arm board. However, it's a stretch to call a non-suspended design "Rega style". And this turntable hasn't much in common with Regas that feature a motor-driven sub platter and a more standard bearing.
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Man after hearing your review and report in this month's Boulder review... I have to preorder that Village Vanguard release ASAP!!

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Please explain the "you need a capacitor" comment which I think was in response to the guy getting a static charge zap...