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The addition of the WOW! turntable to the Acoustic Signature line adds yet another under $2000 turntable/arm combo to a growing list of 'tables at this attractive price point.

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Yes, I apologized for my over the top reaction to Rob Sevier's The Wire story. Had you told me after I'd read it that he and his partner ran a vinyl record label, you could have knocked me over with an MP3.

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Well before Aaron Neville's gorgeous warble turned to wobble and he began using it as vocal ground cover—so much so that Saturday Night Live easily satirized it—his was a gorgeous instrument capable of both technical excellence and exquisite emotional communication as this impeccably produced and recorded 1991 release demonstrates.
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Acoustic Signature designer Gunther Frohnhöfer has been building mass loaded aluminum-based turntables for decades. Back in 2001 I reviewed and really liked a model called the Final Tool. It ended up being purchased by someone I knew and he’s still using it trouble-free all these years later and it still sounds solid.

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Are you old enough to remember when New York State, much of the rest of the Northeast, and parts of Canada were blacked out by a power failure on November 19th, 1965 at 5:18pm? I was in my Phi Sigma Delta frat-house library at Cornell, HO model-car racing—for money. At the flick of the wrong switch, all bets were off for the night. I'll never forget that.

Where were you when you heard your first compact disc? I'll never forget where I was: at an early-'80s AES Convention in Los Angeles. It was Roxy Music's Avalon played on a refrigerator-sized machine, and the sound was as awful as the technology was brilliant.

I may not have been listening as an industry insider on the playing field of the audio biz, but I wasn't exactly a spectator in the stands, either. I was kind of on the sidelines. You have to at least be on the sidelines to attend an AES demo of the new electronic future.

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The numerogroup can rest easy. An even more foolish vinyl story has just appeared online in The New Jersey Star Ledger.

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Numerogroup's Rob Sevier has responded to my charge that his Wire piece was the "Stupidest Article Ever Written About Vinyl". And as expected, his response was infantile, petulant and utterly predictable.

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Please read the stupidest article ever written about the vinyl resurgence published online by The Wire.
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(This post was originally published on the website where you can also find very thorough coverage of T.H.E. Show Newport 2013. With John Atkinson and Jason Serinius on the job, I was free to look for analog gear knowing their report would cover the systems and sound-Ed).

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When first released by RCA as a single LP back in 1988 (RCA 9589-1-R) this album, probably sourced from digital, created a sensation—at least among the legions of Elvis Presley fans.