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Another new VPI turntable? Yes. These guys are prolific! The new Avenger is best described as a "chopped" HRX, re-shaped and re-purposed to be 3 arm capable.

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Pear Audio Analogue debuted at RMAF its new bottom of the line Robin Hood turntable priced at "around $3000 with Coronet 1 tonearm.

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The photo is of Pear Audio Analogue's new $5995 tubed Reference Preamplifier with built in MM phono section available in a variety of wood fascias but a separate tubed MM phono pre-amp is also available for $4500.

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Designed by former Plinius designer Gary Morrison, the PureAudio VINYL phono preamplifier is a dual mono, pure Class "A" design suitable for low to medium output MC cartridges with user selectable loading from 47ohms to 47K Ohms in six steps.

Michael Fremer  |  Oct 12, 2014  |  4 comments
What could be more appropriate to plug your wooden turntable into than the iFi phono preamp built into iFi's Stereo 50 Vacuum Tube Amplifier complete with two-way LS 3.5 speakers?

Michael Fremer  |  Oct 12, 2014  |  7 comments
Covering all the new analog gear at RMAF was more than enough to deal with but luckily in the hotel gym I began a conversation with Mike Johnson Director of Sales America/Canada for Pendalumic headphones and I promised to check them out in the CANJAM headphone area.

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If you need more proof that vinyl is here to stay, consider this product from DS Audio a newly formed business group of the Digital Stream Corporation (DSC). DSC co-developed with Microsoft the optical mouse and for more than 25 years has provided industrial laser optics for medical testing systems and for laser-based medical optical instrumentation.

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After a few shows at which attendees were shown mockups and parts, AMG finally had a working version of its new $2750 Teatro MC cartridge.

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RMAF is a big show this year and much more ground must be covered but so far the analog news at the show is that there hasn't really been any. The big news has been headphones and computer audio.