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Michael Fremer Posted: Jan 24, 2017 Published: Jan 23, 2017 3 comments
A Doors tribute today on AnalogPlanet Radio occasionally sourced from original pressings but mostly from Analogue Productions' 45rpm box set. If you are hesitant to purchase it but love The Doors, better not listen! From the first note of "Touch Me" you'll easily hear what a great job Bruce Botnick and the late Doug Sax did with these fragile tapes.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Jan 22, 2017 7 comments
The Berlin Philharmonic's Direct-to-Disk Four Brahms Symphony box set currently available for purchase on the orchestra's website store will also be available for purchase in America beginning January 27th, 2017 on the website of Naxos USA.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Jan 20, 2017 Published: Jan 19, 2017 21 comments
Jack White's Third Man Records today announced the opening on February 25th of its new Detroit pressing plant in the heart of the city's historic Cass corridor neighborhood, down the block from the Shinola store.

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Jon Iverson Posted: Jan 19, 2017 Published: Jan 18, 2017 269 comments
Register to win a pair of AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Headphones ($699.00 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

"A direct descendant of AudioQuest's award-winning NightHawk headphone, the closed-back NightOwl Carbon replaces its predecessor's biomimetic sound-diffusing grille with an intelligently designed aperiodic damping system for excellent isolation of external noise, ensuring privacy for the listener and those nearby."

[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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Michael Fremer Posted: Jan 17, 2017 8 comments
Of course C.E.S. 2017 will not be the final C.E.S. for the gadget hawkers and manufacturers of products that upon introduction are born obsolete. The big halls will continue to attract those who traffic in appliances, gadgets, and soon to be commoditized and devalued innovations.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Jan 17, 2017 4 comments
Audio cables are probably the most contentious component in a system's chain. There are those who insist they cannot produce sonic differences once you account for the basics: resistance, inductance, capacitance, and of course the outer sheath color.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Jan 17, 2017 2 comments
This edition of Transfiguration's explosive low output moving coil Proteus phono cartridge features a diamond, not boron cantilever.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Jan 17, 2017 11 comments
KORG's new DS-DAC-10R seen at C.E.S. 2017 in the AXXIS Audio room where one usually finds expensive products, is a $595 full-featured, compact analog/DSD digital product.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Jan 17, 2017 Published: Jan 16, 2017 26 comments
Today's AnalogPlanet WFDU HD2 radio show consists of songs about infidelity and cheating. It covers most musical genres, which demonstrates that people cheat regardless of their musical preferences! Whether or not you have cheated, I think you'll dig the songs about it by artists who may or may not have themselves cheated.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Jan 15, 2017 Published: Jan 14, 2017 18 comments
The Digital Entertainment Group brought high quality sound in the form of high resolution digital audio to the gadgeteers at the main convention center.