Michael Fremer  |  May 25, 2017  |  22 comments
REBEAT CEO Günter Loibl has a plan to change the way vinyl records are mastered.

Michael Fremer  |  May 23, 2017  |  4 comments takes a slight detour from High End Munich show coverage for this video—have faith, it's got a strong vinyl angle.

Michael Fremer  |  May 23, 2017  |  5 comments
SME made its first High End show appearance in 27 years. The company, founded in 1946 by the late Alistair Robertson-Aikman who passed away in 2006 was sold in 2016 to Cadence Group headed by Indian industrialist Ajay Shirke.

Michael Fremer  |  May 23, 2017  |  14 comments
Pro-Ject CEO/founder Heinz Lichtenegger shows editor Michael Fremer the heat of the company's 2017 turntable lineup including the Essential line and the "S" shaped tone arm line as well as the handsome Classic, which now includes an upgraded edition featuring an Ortofon Quintet Red MC cartridge, leather mat and record weight.

Michael Fremer  |  May 22, 2017  |  2 comments
There's so much to report to you from High End Munich 2017, much of it augmented with video footage. Unfortunately editor Michael Fremer remains in Europe covering more exclusives including a tour of Pro-Ject's brand new headquarters and logistics center and the company's brand new, big Livotel, Czech Republic factory.

Michael Fremer  |  May 20, 2017  |  6 comments
At High End Munich 2017McIntosh added the new MT2 turntable to its turntable offerings.

Michael Fremer  |  May 19, 2017  |  4 comments
The original Kuzma 4 Point tone arm had an effective 11" (280mm) length. More recently Kuzma introduced a 14" version designed to work with its large-plinthed Stabi M turntable.

 |  May 18, 2017  |  First Published: May 19, 2017  |  23 comments
Day one at High End Munich 2017 was of course a busy day of press conferences and room visits, encounters with old friends and the usual combination of being dazzled by what's new and shaking off jet-lag.

TechDas called an 11:00 A.M. press conference to introduce on the Air Force One Premium turntable the massive motor system that will be part of the Air Force Zero—an upcoming "statement" turntable projected to cost up to $300,000 and designer Hideaki Nishikawa's final turntable project.

Michael Fremer  |  May 17, 2017  |  3 comments
Wavy Gravy (A/K/A) Hugh Romney was reputed to have said “If you remember the ‘60s you weren’t there.” The same was true really of the first half of the 1970s, which played out as if it was the late ‘60s. After all, Woodstock was 1969 and one could argue that that was the year that as a cultural phenomenon “the ‘60s” both began and ended.

Well Harold Bronson, co-founder of Rhino Records was definitely there in the 1970s and he seems to remember just about everything, including date, time, place and more.

Michael Fremer  |  May 15, 2017  |  15 comments
The mystery surrounding the April 18th visit by Ortofon's Leif Johannsen can now explained.