Michael Fremer  |  Jun 10, 2017  |  5 comments
At High End Munich 2017 in one of the "pods" on the main floor of the MOC convention center, AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer encountered cartridge builder Hyun Lee. Berlin based Lee is a classically trained guitarist/teacher/artisan who prefers vinyl records and decided to design and build his own.

Michael Fremer  |  Jun 09, 2017  |  4 comments
A short film about Cleveland Pressing Plant Gotta Groove Records has been selected for screening by both the Palm Springs International ShortFest as well as the the San Francisco Documentary Festival (screening today, June 9th).

Michael Fremer  |  Jun 08, 2017  |  23 comments
More Munich High End and LAAS coverage coming but first: can you hear differences among tonearm cables? Kuzma for one, offers a couple of tonearm wire options but without first hearing each, now can you know which to order? I asked Franc Kuzma for some samples. He sent me three 4Point arm tubes, one of which was wired with two different cables, for a total of four wire choices, though I'm not sure all are currently available options.

Michael Fremer  |  Jun 08, 2017  |  13 comments
At his Masters of Vinyl seminar at LAAS 2017 mastering engineer Kevin Gray mentioned that he'd cut a series of records for Speakers Corner using original master tapes.

Michael Fremer  |  Jun 07, 2017  |  2 comments
After High End Munich, some of which remains to be covered here, though chances were slim at the just concluded Los Angeles Audio Show of finding new products, we did.

Michael Fremer  |  Jun 05, 2017  |  3 comments
Without a doubt, the sound produced in the Vandersteen, Audio Research, Basis, Harmonic Resolution Systems room at LAAS 2017 was the best ever achieved by this team at an audio show.

Michael Fremer  |  Jun 05, 2017  |  2 comments
The sleek new Grand Prix Audio Parabolica direct drive turntable made its debut at the just ended Los Angeles Audio Show 2017 (shown here with TriPlanar arm and Lyra Etna cartridge).

Michael Fremer  |  Jun 05, 2017  |  9 comments
Veteran loudspeaker designer Andrew Jones (KEF, TAD and now ELAC) explains how he's managed to create the new floor-standing Adante loudspeaker that produces robust, well-controlled bass for $5000 a pair.

Michael Fremer  |  Jun 03, 2017  |  6 comments
At the Los Angeles Audio Show (June 2-4) Analogue Productions' Chad Kassem talks about the company's reel-to-reel tape program, the late Doug Sax's refurbished and restored The Mastering Lab mastering system that's now operational in Salina, Kansas and more.

Michael Fremer  |  Jun 03, 2017  |  2 comments
The Los Angeles Audio Show opened today June 2nd at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel adjacent to LAX airport. Here's the ribbon cutting opening ceremonies. More coverage coming up!