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Michael Fremer  |  Dec 15, 2013  |  4 comments
The 78 Project releases on January 28th, 2014, the Volume 1 Soundtrack album to the acclaimed web series that chronicles recordings made using a 1930's vintage Presto direct-to-acetate disc recorder similar to the one Alan Lomax used for his field recordings made between 1933 and 1942.

Michael Fremer  |  Dec 05, 2013  |  6 comments
The Baltimore based band Beach House (Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally) announced today a tour "in celebration" of Gene Clark's 1974 album No Other. Members of Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear and Fairport Convention—ten musicians in total plus chorus— will join the duo to perform the album in its entirely.

Michael Fremer  |  Dec 04, 2013  |  8 comments
The Zappa Family Trust recently announced remastered vinyl reissues of these two significant double LP Frank Zappa records.
Michael Fremer  |  Dec 02, 2013  |  3 comments
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of comedian/actor Dane Cook's album Harmful If Swallowed, Comedy Central Records recently announced a limited edition vinyl version with exclusive new artwork. The one thousand copy edition went on sale earlier this month.
Michael Fremer  |  Nov 26, 2013  |  3 comments
Day two of the Utrecht Record Fair was less crowded, as my hosts predicted it would be, but still, in the morning at least, it was plenty crowded as record buyers returned for the discounts many vendors offered, hoping to sell records rather than schlep them home (or to the next record fair somewhere in Europe).

Michael Fremer  |  Nov 23, 2013  |  7 comments
If set-up day was cold, dark and less than pleasant, day one of the Utrecht Mega Platen Record Fair was warm, crowded and festive. With both the lights and heating system on and the enormous exhibition hall packed with record fanatics, it was a full day of fun for vinyl lovers from around the world.

Michael Fremer  |  Nov 22, 2013  |  1 comments
Friday, November 22nd was set-up day at the world's largest record fair. For a premium, organizers did let consumers in early so even as the booths were being set up and stocked, buyers made the rounds in the usual mad frenzied way.

Michael Fremer  |  Nov 21, 2013  |  0 comments
Coverage of Manila turntable set-up seminar
Michael Fremer  |  Nov 19, 2013  |  39 comments
The vinyl record should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, don't you think?
Michael Fremer  |  Nov 19, 2013  |  3 comments
ORG recently announced three new double 45s mastered by Bernie Grundman from original analogue master tapes.
Michael Fremer  |  Nov 16, 2013  |  3 comments
Not as much going on in this video but I had it so decided to post it.
Michael Fremer  |  Nov 15, 2013  |  10 comments
The three most moving Kennedy assassination songs I know in inverse order are:
Michael Fremer  |  Nov 13, 2013  |  5 comments
Wanna buy a used record store cheap? This one's not but it is for sale.
Michael Fremer  |  Nov 11, 2013  |  12 comments
The Tenth Annual Manila Hi-Fi Show took place November 9th and 10th against a back-drop of an impending Typhoon.