Join Me at the Audio Salon, Santa Monica, CA on February 18th and 20th

SAT tone arm designer Marc Gomez, Air Force turntable designer Mr. Hideaki Nishikawa, Air Force turntable importer Bob Graham and me at the Audio Salon in Santa Monica for two evenings of outstanding vinyl playback on a state of the art audio system.

These should be two evenings of great music and lively discussions about vinyl playback from industry experts. In the case of Nishikawa-san, he was responsible for the legendary Micro-Seiki brand turntables. For decades Bob Graham has been designing and manufacturing tone arms as well as being the American importer of the TechDAS Air Force turntable line. Marc Gomez is a relative newcomer to the business, but with the SAT tone arm he entered with a bang.

Hope to see you there!

Here's the official announcement:

The Audio Salon in Santa Monica, CA will host TechDAS designer Mr. Hideaki Nishikawa and TechDAS U.S. distributor Bob Graham (also of Graham Engineering), along with Marc Gomez designer of the SAT Pickup Arm, for an incredible two evenings of analog listening enjoyment on Thursday, Feb. 18, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

We’ll be conducting listening demos on both the TechDAS Airforce One turntable and the company’s newest TechDAS Airforce Three ‘table with the SAT Pickup arm and Graham Engineering Phantom Elite tonearm with Lyra Atlas and TechDAS TDC01 T1cartridges. The demo system will also include the latest Constellation Audio electronics driving Wilson Audio Alexia loudspeakers.

The designers will present technical discussions about the engineering behind each of the featured products, and Mr. Nishikawa will be demoing from an exclusive selection of LPs from his personal vinyl collection.

To attend this free event, please R.S.V.P. by calling 310-863-0863.

Bob Levin's picture

We don't get anything of that caliber in New Mexico.
I lusted over those Micro Seiki turntables in my youth.

Auric G's picture

Who get the sweet spot?

Roy Martin's picture

...don't miss Record Surplus aka "the last record store" at 12436 Santa Monica Boulevard (corner of Centinella Avenue). I was there last summer and found a live Blasters' promo I'd had on my "want" list for years. Also a couple of Virgil Thomson solo piano LPs I didn't even know existed.

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I know about Record Surplus. I started visiting the original one in 1984 or so when it first opened during "the great record dump". People were dumping and I was buying. There was a glut, everyone thought values would plummet to near zero and the pickings were incredible. I wasn't buying for an investment other than in listening pleasure that I knew I'd never get from CDs.
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Just called to RSVP for Saturday night, and Maier answered the phone and appeared to hang up when I asked to RSVP for 2 if space was available. Called back and left a message. Anyways, really hoping I can attend.

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I will coincidently be in LA on vacation. Just RSVPd for Thursday. Looks like fun.

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Got everything worked out, I'll be there on Saturday. Looks to be a great event.