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Michael Fremer  |  Jan 01, 2015  |  82 comments
2014 was a fantastic year for vinyl. 2015 looks to be an even better one.'s editor Michael Fremer looks back on the year past and forward to next year on this "one take" video self-shot after a four day room-cleaning binge during which he discovered vinyl treasures hidden in plain sight.

Michael Fremer  |  Dec 26, 2014  |  8 comments
Phoenix Engineering, manufacturer of the Falcon Digital Turntable PSU and Roadrunner Tachometer today announced the new High Power Eagle PSU designed to work with both VPI's higher powered motor equipped 'tables and those with dual motor/flywheels—as well as with any A.C. synchronous motor of 15 or fewer watts.

Michael Fremer  |  Dec 20, 2014  |  26 comments
New record presses are the big news today!
Michael Fremer  |  Dec 16, 2014  |  57 comments
The Beach Boys reissue project from Analogue Productions has been years in the making. Some of the mono records go on sale this Friday, December 16th. The process from master tape to finished record, packaged, boxed and ready for shipping is shown in a series of videos that make their world debut here on analog planet.

Michael Fremer  |  Dec 04, 2014  |  8 comments
That's a photo of Chad Kassem and me from 1997. We go back a long way—to the 1980's actually. He's getting a "lifetime achievement" award on Sunday December 7th from the Los Angeles and Orange County Audiophile Society.

Michael Fremer  |  Nov 26, 2014  |  16 comments
From someone in Korea has built a working LEGO turntable and tone arm. Amazing.
Michael Fremer  |  Nov 26, 2014  |  26 comments
The Neil Young master tapes for this second box set were sitting in Chris Bellman's mastering suite last winter when I visited and interviewed Bernie Grundman about the Blue Note reissues, some of which were originally digitized at BGM Mastering and some of which were cut to lacquer by Chris.
Michael Fremer  |  Nov 24, 2014  |  10 comments
For those taking the time to listen to the two posted files in the Led Zeppelin III review....
Michael Fremer  |  Nov 20, 2014  |  30 comments
A reader forwarded a link to a story by Colette LaBouff published in The Morning News, "a magazine of essays, art, humor and culture" that I'm 100% certain you will enjoy reading. The publisher has generously granted us permission to provide the link.

Michael Fremer  |  Nov 18, 2014  |  79 comments
Legacy's long awaiting Bruce Springsteen vinyl box set arrived so editor Michael Fremer unboxed it with the camera rolling. Have a look:

Michael Fremer  |  Nov 17, 2014  |  22 comments
Here's a link to a story you probably will enjoy. Note the angry, bitter and occasionally ignorant comments from "those people".
Michael Fremer  |  Nov 17, 2014  |  11 comments
Jimmy Durante (some younger readers may need to look him up) used to say "Everybody's gotta get into the act!" and when it comes to vinyl, he was correct! It's sold at Whole Foods (which because of some of the customers I encounter there I like to call "A-Whole Foods") at Urban Outfitters (along with Crosley "groove chewers"), Target and other unlikely vinyl venues.

Michael Fremer  |  Nov 15, 2014  |  First Published: Nov 14, 2014  |  13 comments
For the second time in two years I was invited to participate in North Carolina retailer Audio Advice's "Music Matters" customer appreciation event. No doubt some of you have attended a similar type happening at your local audio retailer—if you're fortunate enough to have one in your area.

Michael Fremer  |  Nov 11, 2014  |  5 comments
No doubt it was digitally sourced and resolution unknown, but sometimes tunes trump source format. The 2 LP American Hustle-Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album from Madison Gate Records and Legacy Recordings (the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment) includes six songs not included on the CD version (there's a switch).