"Vinyl Frenzy" Leads to New, New Jersey Pressing Plant!

My sources had told me "off the record" about a new pressing plant opening in New Jersey by Epitaph Records or principles of that company, but I was asked not to write anything so I didn't.

New York Times music writer Ben Sisario spilled the pellets in a story published today on The New York Times's website. The story will appear in tomorrow's newspaper.

One of the most gratifying aspects of the new Independent Record Pressing facility is that it returns to New Jersey the presses once belonging to the Hub-Servall plant once located in Cranbury, New Jersey, but sold in 2007 to a pressing plant in Montreal that's since closed.

Read Sisario's story please. And note the link to analogplanet.

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Will no one build entirely new presses Micheal, and what do you think of the vinyl pressed in Nashville?
Lastly, I've recently acquired lots of Mc gear for a host of reasons and wonder if you would speak to the idea that there would be a material synergy between one of their tables, a C 500 in total SS dress, an MC 452, Mc cable from stem to stern and on the said stern, Paradigm Tribute floorstanders. I had a quite elaborate vinyl rig flying an Urushi before Katrina but only now have circumstances compatible with vinyl again and I don't recall before a market quite so vast. It makes me wonder whether there's a synergy that deserves considerable weight. Was glad, too, to see you quoted by Mr. Ben.

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Mikey, there's a new pressing plant that just opened this past week in Calgary, Alberta. It's called Canada Boy Vinyl. It's our only plant up here, I believe. Perhaps worthy of a look-see by our own Mr. F?
It's still nice up here in September!

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I got a tour last weekend at the grand opening. An excellent passionate group of folks.
No air of rock or music industry pretentiousness – they just want to make quality records.

All analog recording studio upstairs.
Downstairs all analog cutting on a beautiful Neuman VG748.
6 Toolex presses - 3 in operation, other 3 being rebuilt.
I haven't heard any of the records yet, but the ones coming off the press looked perfect – clean & flat & the label was centred. Jackets and labels are currently being done by Ross Ellis.

Yankee record labels might benefit from the current weak Canadian dollar by getting their records made up here.

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great story.

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Interesting edit. One guy claims you need to passionate about the business or you shouldn't be doing it...l and the next guy claims it means nothing to him- it's just a record...yikes!!

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It means nothing to him but he still does his job. I think he is still on point with those fussy pressing machines.

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I hear that the secret to good LP's coming out of NJ is the water.

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Edison liked it here.

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What the heck kind of playback system was that? Not sure I trust a pressing plant that doesn't have a decent affordable table to check LP's with...

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He's choosing the Aux input on the receiver, which at least implies the presence of a separate phono stage. And the finger he's using probably isn't random.

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That is one of the great photographs of all time.