August 12th is Vinyl Record Day

I don't know who is behind this, or its significance but today, August 12th, is "Vinyl Record Day".

If anyone knows exactly what this is and who is behind it, please post something here.

I suggest celebrating by playing some records. But then, I think most of us celebrate vinyl records every day!

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Here is the history of VRD:

Stevieray's picture my house :-)

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Lucky me! My copies of CCR Cosmo's Factory and Mardi Gras (Analogue Productions)Showed up today just in time to celebrate!!!

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I am surprised you did not already know about VRD. Here is a blog post I wrote that includes some cool vinyl GIFs and a shout out to you.


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In case you don't want to click the link. August 12, 1877 is the day Edison invented the Phonograph.

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Hugs and kisses Mr. Edison!

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Well, I bought two used records today, I had no idea it was Vinyl Day.
One was Gerry Rafferty's Can I Have My Money Back. On the bottom it says:
This record was previously released on BTS-58. This one is CBS Blue Thumb, what the heck it was $4.00, never heard it. Last year I found a pristine UK Steelers Wheel but the sound was just OK. I'm really looking forward to Interventions version.

I was pleased to hear that your reviewing the Simon and Garfunkel box set.
Since I don't own any of the originals, I'll be anticipating your impressions before cracking the seal. If I do, I'll certainly seek out at least one clean original and make my own comparison.
There does seem to be something of a back story to this reissue, if as seems likely, these are sourced from the master files for the 2014 CD reissue that I read about from a informative Huffington Post article. Equally important for me, would be to discover if there is a separate pressing for the U.S. market, as at least for Europe, MOV is pressing as advertised at their site. But the U.S. adverts all say Sony Legacy not Music on Vinyl.
But is there any difference ? Then I read a post from a guy on the Steve Hoffman forums who reported that his runout groove had the STERLING stamp, which threw me for a loop, since I assumed they did everything from files. Can you untangle any of this?

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Just finished listening to The Trinity Sessions side 2 with "Sweet Jane". :)

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Just finished listening to The Trinity Session side 2 with "Sweet Jane". :)

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I love that record, great sound, great music.

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...Margo Timmins!

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Great Canadian gal, great singer, great band.

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to listen to Edison rolls at his lab/museum in West Orange. I'm sure you've been, Michael!

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in for review (with SAT arm)?

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Placing this commemoration day on my calendar for next year. Don't want to miss it as we need to bring attention to the almost Sainted system from my past. Vinyl is in need of rescue by everyone. Let us remember to remind others not to send found collections to the city dump. Rather, let others know that we welcome newcomers to herald the treasured collections of others when found. Educate those who were born past the playing of records period.