Walker Audio Pivots on Tone Arm Design In New Procession Turntable

Walker Audio, best known for its Proscenium air bearing turntable and air bearing tangential tracking tone arm recently announced the new Procession turntable featuring a pivoted arm.

This high-mass minimal plinth turntable features a newly designed pivoted arm featuring an arm pod equipped with remote controlled infinitely adjustable VTA/SRA.

Other features include a 45 pound machined aluminum plinth, 30 pound Delrin platter, and a 3 inch solid brass spindle-housing at the bottom of which sits a ceramic ball.

Price for the 'table with remote VTA/SRA arm pod is $45,000. $38,000 with manual VTA/SRA adjustability. For more information visit Walker Audio.

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The Black Diamond is one of the best I've heard.

I noticed a recessed outer edge along the platter rim, is this for a record periphery clamp?

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From Walker's website: "Each high-mass platter is balanced checked and is relieved for lead-in groove and record label."

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..is a joke.

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As always, if you can produce this product for less, go for it, that's what the free market is all about.

If not, then it's perhaps a joke to you, but not to some others.

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I doubt you will sell very many of these. And for good reason.

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Another new development in tone arm design: Helius, the UK maker of the fabulous Omega, will be introducing a new TOTL model next year, but is offering the Silicon Nitride bearings that will be used in it's build in the current Omega, as an upgrade over both the Tungsten and Ruby bearings is has been available with.

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It's the first crazy turntable I can actually afford. Or more accurately, the first crazy turntable I might be prepared to spend money on.

Why? We all have other interests and need to prioritize - you would be amazed how much you can spend building radio controlled toy planes :)

For what it is and bearing in mind it will be made in small quantities I think the price is quite reasonable.