Analogue Productions to Reissue Roger Waters' "Amused to Death"

Analogue Productions will soon reissue on double LP and SACD Roger Waters' epic, didactic Amused to Death, first released in 1992 in a very limited double LP edition. Anyone looking to purchase an original of the very limited first release could not have been amused by the going price of $300+ last time I checked.

The reissue, cut from the master tapes, will be overseen by engineer James Guthrie who was there for the original release. The Q Sound spatial enhancement effects are on the master tape so get ready for stuff appearing in the mix at your next door neighbor's house.

To state the obvious: Waters preoccupations in the lyrics are the most obvious adolescent musings stated with a super heavy lyrical hand, but the music and production counter well the blunt trauma wordplay and the sound is wicked pissa!

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I didn't know you were from New England.


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Lived in Boston for eight years!

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This is one of my favorite albums.  The lyrics are incredible, and Jeff Beck really plays some great stuff.

I am very excited to see this is finally coming out as I head about this a couple of years ago.  They also mentioned that would be doing a box set of his solo material on vinyl.

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Great news!  Been waiting for this to be reissued on vinyl for years.  Never heard the music before as I'm strictly a vinyl guy.

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I've got an original. Wait until you hear the Q Sound spatial tricks....

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I hope they keep the price of the lp reasonable...for me.   $50 or under.  

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I was really excited until i saw it was Analogue Productions releasing it.  they do some amazing sounding records but i really hope the price is kept reasonable.  $32 (not very likely for this release) is about my price point usually for a double but for this I could  go a little hogher but I will have to pass if is higher than  $50.  I've missed out on quite a few releases but the prices are way out of line.  I would think record companies would do better to keep their prices down so more people could buy their products.

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...are actually pretty low these days.  Consider that The Beatles (aka The White Album) apparently cost $11.79 in 1968 here in the US.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' inflation calculator, that's equivalent to nearly $78 in 2012 money.

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As someone hear points out an original will set you back many hundreds so whatever it costs it will be much less expensive...

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This is exciting news as I've been wanting this record and have seen it go for up to $600 on eBay!  Also very excited to see that it is Analogue Productions reissuing this as you know they will be pressing this at Quality Record Pressings.  I called Acoustic Sounds and they verified that they will be using the original analog master tapes and also advised that James Guthrie will be working with Doug Sax on this project.  The original was a double album with a very nice booklet so I am surprised to see grumblings about the potential price.

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Yehs, I don't  know why I said something about the price because I love this album and I know it will be done to perfection, I hope so anyway.  So I guess even if it is $50 I will get it!   I think when I wrote that I was a little pissed because I was really interested in the new reissue of the Smashing Pumpkins, Melloncollie and the infinite Sadness.  I have the original LP but some of the songs are so bass heavy I was wondering if it was a little more balanced but $90 for it is too steep.

Does anyone know when ithe Waters is due out?

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Hi there, probably by now you already know, but just in case here is the link:

October is the magic month;-)

All the best!

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Just pre-ordered this, can't touch a good used copy.

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  I pre-ordered as soon as it was possible.  AP/QRP doing this album is an absolute no brainier.  Only question, one or two?  For now, one.  Maybe later a backup copy.  See, now isn't that practical?

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more links info: