Avid Introduces New Ingenium Turntable Line

UK based Avid introduced at CES the new Ingenium line of turntables. The base price for the machined aluminum plinthed 'table is $1300. So equipped, it comes with an MDF platter and bearing used on the Avid Diva. $2300 with Project 9cc carbon fiber arm. There's a $3000 version with an SME M2-9 inch arm.

A larger model can hold a 12" SME arm and another that can take two tonearms.

There are SP models equipped with the aluminum platter and bearing of the more expensive Volvere turntable. The range appears to be attractively priced and feature-packed starting at $2500.

Avid also displayed the Pulsare II phono preamp a fully balanced design with in input and output XLR and single-ended. Price is $6995.

Avid designer Conrad Mas also told me he would soon have two "assaults" on the state of the turntable art priced at $80,000 and $120,000.

WaxtotheMax's picture

What a beauty...What a price.... Just a wow for now. Love to test drive this one!  WAAY to pricey for my budget. Have to stick to my vintage but capable equipment for now.

morserotonin's picture

I would love to hear what you have to say about these as I have made AVID and VPI my 2 choices for my upgrade path in my system. I know you like the VPI Classic series which is why I am curious on your thoughts here.

Brother John's picture

I've heard that the British AVID TT is a bit warmer sounding than the North American VPI TT design but I've yet to hear an AVID. These new models are certainly priced to  compete with VPI but I'll keep my fingers crossed untill I read a good review of  one. I'm sort of shocked they could offer a TT at $1300. US which means at home in the UK it retails for about 5 or 6 hundred quid.

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That is great! My friend who goes to a welding school enjoyed reading this and he also want to buy this.