AXPONA Video Report: New Turntables From Audio Note, TriangleArt, MoFi, SME, Garrard, and More!

Our in-depth AXPONA coverage continues! In today’s installment, our chief product reviewer Ken Micallef shares video footage of as many turntables that he could get on camera in 9 minutes (give or take). You can now watch Ken’s video report below, as well as on the official Analog Planet YouTube channel.

Among the tables you’ll see above are new offerings from the likes of Audio Note, TriangleArt, EMT, DeVORE Fidelity, Technics, AMG, SME, MoFi, Garrard, and many, many more. Plus, you’ll see a number of fine tonearms and cartridges in action as well (hello, Dynavector) — plus hear some choice vinyl, some LPs of which I demo’ed with elsewhere at the show myself. Pure Fidelity, indeed. . .


Additional AXPONA reports will be forthcoming throughout this week and the next, so stay tuned. In the meantime — please enjoy Ken’s many spins throughout the show.


If you’d like to see even more of our AXPONA coverage, check out Mike Mettler’s report on Luxman’s new PD-191A turntable and E-07 phono preamp and his review of the Acoustic Sounds Atlantic 75 vinyl listening session here, and his Day 1 photo essay here.


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Especially love the closeups. Anything by EMT and SME gets my pulse going and nice to see SOTA with an updated creation, so nice to see Alphason back with an updated tonearm, definitely looks better built than its 100MCS model from the 80s. Some great looking tables in this video.

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It's great to play your favorite entertainment games every day, papa's games always do new and interesting things.