Hannl Record Cleaning Machines Re-enter the American Market

The superbly built and ultra-quiet Hannl line of record cleaning machines will once again be available in America, according to Advanced Multimedia France, representatives of which attended T.H.E. Show at the Flamingo Hotel. The line runs from machines costing $2500 to the $6000 Aragon ELB.

The line has been considerably upgraded since I last saw one. They now use two brush systems: the rotating bristle one that is said to get deeply into the groove and one for surface cleaning before applying the velvet lipped vacuum wand.

The top of the line model allows you to continually vary platter speed and/or reverse direction, along with a series of other enhancements but the company says all of the machines clean with equal effectiveness.

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The Advanced Multimedia France company decided to re enter the American market because they saw they have no competitors here. This issue should change their marketing strategy. I am curious how much the top of the line model costs, I would really want to buy one.