The iFi Micro iPhono Fits In The Palm of Your Hand, But!

This little hand held wonder designed by the folks at AMR for their joint venture with i-fi Micro, features MM/MC with up to 66dB of gain on the MC input with claimed 90dB S/N ratio, 8 dip switches each for MC resistance and MM capacitive load settings.

The gain circuit uses what the company calls "Class ATubeState® amplification using a combination of JFETs, op-amps and discrete circuitry, all Class A with no negative feedback. It also features 6 EQ curves for you to abuse including RIAA, Columbia, Decca and IEC.

Oh and the price is $399! Crazy, no? I brought one home from the show and will be trying ASAP!

Jim Tavegia's picture

Something I can afford. 

deckeda's picture

I'd like to know if the resistance tuning is *only* for the MC input. I've heard more than a few MM and MI cartridges that benefit from something less than the standard 47kohm loading.

AndyPrice44's picture

That is pretty dang cool. Especially for the price. Gives you alot more options than many of the phonos in this price range. I will be interested to read the review