Music Hall Does Nice "Jobs" With New ikura Turntable

Working with an industrial designer adept at things white prefaced in the letter "i" Music Hall has come up with this cool white ikura turntable built to spec by the Pro-Ject folks that build other Music Hall turntables. Cost is $900 with carbon fiber tonearm. Very smart looking.

Music Hall also introduced the mmf 11.1, an update of the 11 that includes a few minor but Roy Hall says significant sonic changes.

Most cool in the room was a complete Music Hall Marimba system including integrated amp with phono stage, USB 1 turntable, Marimba 2-way speakers and stands all for $2400. This system sounded really, really good and produced surprising amounts of clean reasonably deep bass.

This is a real world starter system that based on what I heard in the room (after no single malts) sounds great!

dolsey01's picture

I had heard mention of this turntable and had been looking forward to seeing it but I'm now glad that I went with a 7 series.  It looks like they took the Carbon fiber shaft from the arm in the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon and mated it with the tonearm from the RPM 1.3.   I guess I was hoping for something more like a budget 9cc tonearm.  As long as it sounds great, I guess it doesn't matter.  smiley

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So 9.1 is not updating? i'm planing to buy it in april, and now it's good that it's not updating.

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I really want to used turntable but it now its is in scarcity. This new upgrades and features really define the new advent of our technology. I hope this this advancemen in this product will continue to offer good quality products to customers.

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Wow. Such an innovative product by Music Hall. I love to buy it.

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It's a nice looking TT but, like my white Macbook, could be a pain keeping clean. I have the old MMF 7, and it's been a great TT.

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