New Schröder Tangentially Tracking Pivoted Tonearm

At CES a few years ago, I walked in on Frank Schröder discussing an idea for a relatively simple pivoted tangential tracking tonearm. Now here at RMAF 2012 the Schröder LT is a reality

The patent pending mechanism has a compact, pivoting base along with a standard pivot that is said to allow the arm to maintain perfect tangency to the grooves without air bearings, pumps, pivoting headshells, wheels and the like.

Because it maintains tangency, there is no headshell offset angle and thus no skating occurs so obviously there's no anti-skating mechanism either, nor does the arm suffer from the usual tangential tracking issue of asymmetrical mass distribution (high in the horizontal and low in the vertical). Overhang is, of course, zero.

The 250mm (effective length) arm wand is either of Snakewood or Grenadill. The headshell is of a proprietary material. The arm allow for both VTA/SRA and azimuth adjustibility.

Price to be determined, but I was told it would be "very competitive" and in the $6000 range. It's being imported and sold direct by Xact Audio (contact Steve at

This appears to be a very smart design that we're hoping to review as soon as possible.

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As someone who can't spend a lot on individual components, and whose entire system is under 5K, I'm wondering if we might see this type of technolgy in the future on more modest turntables (Rega, Pro-Ject, Thorens etc...).

It certainly is a reason to be optimistic for such a product down the road, and would seem to have a lot going for it, mainly in the simplistic design (easy to set-up, long lasting durability), and possible improved sound quality over pivoted tonearms.

Very cool and exciting!





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I really like Frank Schröder's gear. Can't wait to read your review Michael. Sorry for the silly question but if the tube is 9.5 inches. What does that mean the effective arm length is?

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Time fr a comeback...or not. 

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Hi, Steve from Xact Audio here. Thanks for getting information on the new pivoted linear tracking Schröder to your readers. I would like to let your readers know that the introductry price is $8900. Apologizes for any confusion on the price.



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Mr. Schröder's supply is exceeded by the demand so he really doesn't need a review. Therefore while I had "hoped" for a review sample, that is probably not "possible" at this time.