This Rogue Sphynx Hybrid Integrated Amplifier Contains a MM Phono Preamplifier

This hybrid integrated amplifier from Rogue is beautifully made in America, includes a very good MM phono preamplifier and sells for $1295. Yes. $1295. So let's stop the whining about expensive gear, please! This hefty piece was superbly driving a pair of big, full range Eggleston floor standers.

I put on a 96k/24 bit file of "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'" from Sticky Fingers transferred from vinyl and cranked it. The sound was fantastic. It attracted a crowd in no time. Really, for pure value and considering it's made in the USA, this Rogue piece probably represented the best value I saw and heard at the show.

I didn't hear the phono section but based on previous experience with Rogue phono preamps, it's a safe bet it sounds good. Add a transformer if you need MC step-up.

Paul Boudreau's picture

I have one of their Cronus Magnum tube integrated amps and love it.