Scheu's Acrylic Girder Cantus Tonearm Elicits Skepticism

Acrylic and I don't get along well in the turntable/tonearm world so I remain skeptical about the sonic performance of this $1575 Scheu Cantus acrylic tonearm but of course I reserve judgement until I get to hear it. It sure looks cool though, don't you think?

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Well not exactly but you could come close.

Those 3D printers can do amazing things...why not a tonearm!

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Performance aside, I am not attracted visually to plastic high end audio gear. If you are, great, no argument from me. However, each time I look at this stuff I'm reminded that it is plastic and for me that's a turn off at high end audio prices.

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I agree. I am okay with acrylic platters on lower priced gear but once it gets above a few thousand dollars I'm not. I have this long running disagreement with A.J. Conti who works with acrylic throughout his turntable line, for both platters and plinthes. His bearings are superbly machined as is the acrylic. He insists it's an excellent material that's essentially inert, but I hear a lack of dynamic "punch." We agree to disagree, but this spring he promises to stop by with a 'table and we'll do some listening and hear what we hear.

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I wonder if you could make one out of glass?

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I just wish that there's an aqua blue or a baby pink acrylic tonearm. This kind is such a looker but really costly. Ugh!

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