Sound-Smith Hyperion Cartridge Produced Love At First Listen

Sound-Smith's Hyperion Moving Iron cartridge features an unusual cactus needle cantilever. The sound was analogous to this photo: clear, well-focused and loaded with detail. The Hyperion was used in a few rooms and all who had one and all who listened were enthused.

Soundsmith's Peter Ledermann was at the show but not exhibiting. I never did run into him. Perhaps he was out in the desert harvesting cactus needles?

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You bet.... Peter Ledermann/Soundmith

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Mr. Ledermann,

Where is the Cartright?  It's 2013!  It's the #1 item on my analog wish list.  I'm tired of fiddling with VTF/VTA/Azimuth, etc.... I just want to listen to my records.

Please, please, please get this to market soon.  With the increase in turntables sales, I really think you have a winner with the smartphone version.  I don't have a 10K turntable to justify the standalone version but would easily spend the $250-300 for the software version.