VPI's Traveler Turntable Hits the Road After Newport Show

VPI demoed a more polished version of the company's new $1300 Traveler turntable/tonearm combination. If this aluminum paltered turntable that new includes a removable arm sounds as good as it looks, it should be a made in America winner.

Because the arm is easily removable, VPI's Mathew Weisfeld was able to carry it as onboard luggage on his flight from New Jersey to Orange County's John Wayne Airport.

Weisfeld says the 'table will begin shipping right after the show and should be available in a variety of colors. One of the great parts about having this site is that even though Stephen Mejias will be reviewing the 'table for Stereophile, I can still review it here, which I will ASAP.

alan james's picture

It will be a nice comparision to the RP6 at a comparable price point. With the new Project entry level table it is clear that there may never have been a better time for vinyl than now. There may have been more titles put out on vinyl before, but not at the high quality that one is able to buy now.

I just used an inflation calculator and a $5 lp in 1965 would cost about $35 in 2012. That is just about the price of the spectacular pressings coming out of QRP. Can't complain about that, except we might wish they were cheaper, but the reality is they are a good buy.

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It's unfortunate that VPI and Soundsmith didn't have a second room at the show, featuring the Traveler in an affordable system. 

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What would be the best appropriately priced cartridge for this table? I am thinking about the Lyra Delos?

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Es ist wircklich bedauerlich, dass VPI und Soundsmith keinen zweiten Raum auf der Messe hatten.

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I just used an inflation calculator and a $5 lp in 1965 would cost about $35 in 2012. That is just about the price of the spectacul technology news