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Michael Fremer  |  Jan 31, 2017  |  73 comments
The Sl-1200G review will post shortly. Meantime, here's a comparison between it and the Continuum Caliburn fitted with the SAT arm, both fitted with a Lyra Etna cartridge.

Michael Fremer  |  Jan 29, 2017  |  42 comments
After posting the story "Three Percussion Records You Should Own Bob Ludwig emailed that I should get Percussion Music (Nonesuch H-71291). I emailed back that I had it and that prompted the decision to produce an all-percussion show for tomorrow’s WFDU HD2 AnalogPlanet radio show.

Michael Fremer  |  Dec 28, 2016  |  15 comments
My visit to Wilson Audio Specialties in Provo, Utah this past December 13th to hear Dave Wilson's just announced WAMM Master Chronosonic Loudspeaker took a quick detour to the factory, where I was given an unexpected official tour by Wilson's Director of Marketing, John Giolas.

Michael Fremer  |  Dec 27, 2016  |  8 comments
After receiving a tip and covering the modular, stackable and reasonably priced record storage racks from Tony's Woodshop I bit and bought a dozen.

Michael Fremer  |  Oct 28, 2016  |  74 comments
You don’t have to be Phil Spector or Brian Wilson to appreciate mono sound, as anyone who’s purchased the recent mono Beatles box can attest. When these records were originally produced, they were meant to be heard in mono both because they were played on the AM radio, which was mono and because the young people buying the music mostly had monophonic record players. Plus that is how The Rolling Stones wanted to be heard, which is the most important reason of all.

Michael Fremer  |  Jun 10, 2016  |  First Published: Jun 11, 2016  |  46 comments
Compare an original forty three year old UK "pink rim" Island pressing of "Baby's On Fire" from "Here Come the Warm Jets" (ILPS 9268), Brian Eno's debut solo album, with the 2004 DSD remaster using the original tape played back on an Ampex ATR deck with custom ARIA electronics.
Michael Fremer  |  May 30, 2016  |  6 comments
Yes, this is a bit “off topic”, but I do a lot of sitting in my job.

Michael Fremer  |  May 01, 2016  |  15 comments
While visiting Audio Research in Minneapolis prepping for an upcoming Stereophile review my hosts took me to Mill City Records in nearby Hopkins. Wow!

Michael Fremer  |  Mar 25, 2016  |  11 comments
This is a story you will like! About a decade ago former punk and jazz drummer Darrel Sheinman decided to start a new record label and release previously unreleased live recordings.

Michael Fremer  |  Jan 02, 2016  |  12 comments
Bluetooth devices are not my beat but when a company making one brings it to a high performance audio show I pay attention.

Michael Fremer  |  Jul 23, 2015  |  29 comments
Finally, here's the second part of the Roxy Music box set review. Read Part One here.

Michael Fremer  |  Jul 11, 2015  |  62 comments
The July, 2015 Stereophile included a review of the $28,000 Swedish Audio Technologies pick up arm. Yes, the price is outrageous but it's difficult to manufacture and doesn't come off an assembly line.

Michael Fremer  |  Jun 04, 2015  |  34 comments
Analogue Productions recently announced the reissue of 25 titles from the musically rich and superbly recorded Contemporary Jazz catalogue.

Michael Fremer  |  May 28, 2015  |  4 comments
Here's a study in record store contrasts.