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Michael Fremer  |  Sep 21, 2013  |  34 comments
Sorry to have mislead you but the story headlined "Amazon Announces Vinyl Sales Up 745 Percent" is as best as I can determine, a fantasy created by the writer. First of all, it wasn't "Amazon" that announced anything. It was "" the UK Amazon affiliate that made an announcement, but it was that vinyl sales were up 745 percent though it was about a huge increase in vinyl sales.

Michael Fremer  |  Sep 20, 2013  |  4 comments
Leveraging its catalog of licensed title and self-produced SACDs, Acoustic Sounds has launched a high resolution digital download site that will allow customers to download their choice of DSD (Super Audio CD), FLAC files at 176/24, 88/24 or ALAC files at 88/24 bit resolution.

Michael Fremer  |  Sep 18, 2013  |  6 comments
Update: one online LP seller claims the set will be on four LPs not two. That would be good (but probably costly), but until there's label confirmation it should not be taken as fact. After all, another vendor claimed that Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left was cut from analog. We posted that as fact and were left with an egged face. So four LPs is "what we've heard" until we find out for sure.

Michael Fremer  |  Sep 09, 2013  |  4 comments
Some music news transcends formats and this is one that does. The Band's "Rock of Ages" double LP set recently reissued by Mobile Fidelity to great sonic effect has been given a complete "make over" for a new release coming September 17th.

Michael Fremer  |  Sep 09, 2013  |  2 comments
Experience Hendrix LLC and Legacy Recordings Division of Sony Music Entertainment announced today the first ever release of Jimi Hendrix Experience's Miami Pop Festival performance of May, 18th 1968 recorded by long-time Hendrix engineer Eddie Kramer. The album will be a double vinyl set mastered all-analog by Bernie Grundman.

Michael Fremer  |  Sep 08, 2013  |  3 comments
Veteran L.A. used record store owner and more recent character actor "Music Man" Murray Gershenz passed away from a heart attack on August 28th.
Michael Fremer  |  Sep 05, 2013  |  4 comments
Let's clarify a confusing situation once and for all. ORG, which has issued dozens of great double 45rpm titles from the Decca/London and Sony/BMG catalog (among others), including the recently reviewed B,S&T album, and ORG Music are not the same company!
Michael Fremer  |  Sep 04, 2013  |  6 comments
ORG announced today an upcoming series of double 45rpm 180g releases from the Sony/BMG catalog.
Michael Fremer  |  Sep 04, 2013  |  18 comments
Nick Drake's sublime debut album Five Leaves Left was reportedly going to be sourced from digital because the master proved unusable and that is indeed the case.
Michael Fremer  |  Aug 12, 2013  |  5 comments
Here's a chance for those living in the New York metropolitan area to see a live performance of four guitar greats playing their musical heritage at a New Jersey Italian restaurant. Too bad James Gandolfini passed away because I bet he'd be there.

Michael Fremer  |  Aug 08, 2013  |  9 comments
Vinyl fans began lining up at 8:00AM in front of the Lincoln Center Plaza home of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts for a 22,000 LP sale. The records were culled from the collection of the Rodgers and Hammerstein Archive of Recorded Sound.
Michael Fremer  |  Jul 22, 2013  |  10 comments
The plan is to post links tomorrow to the 10 96/24 FLAC files of Myra Taylor's "Spider and The Fly" from her My Night to Dream album (APO 2017) released in 2000 as a double 45rpm 180g LP by Analogue Productions, reproduced using the 9 cartridges identified in a previous post plus the Ortofon Anna on the Continuum Caliburn.

Michael Fremer  |  Jul 13, 2013  |  94 comments
Don't speak ill of the dead is commonly accepted wisdom to which I almost always subscribe. However, an Amar Bose obituary in today's New York Times by Glenn Rifkin that read more like an advertisement than an obit forces my hand.

The obit writer claims the Bose Corporation "..became synonymous with high quality audio systems..." and that "His speakers, though expensive, earned a reputation for bringing concert-hall quality audio into the home." Really?

Michael Fremer  |  Jul 09, 2013  |  30 comments
Most of us are convinced that the media regularly underreports record sales. It seems that Nielsen/Soundscan's numbers can't possible be correct, nor does it seem likely they have the ability to dig deeply into the sales portals where much of the vinyl activity occurs.
Michael Fremer  |  Jul 02, 2013  |  13 comments
ORG today announced a Roy Orbison reissue project that will bring to the 45rpm format Lonely and Blue and In Dreams, two of Roy's early Monument albums.