Getting the Lowdown on Blue Note's Vinyl Reissue Series

Upon landing at LAX I got in the rental car and drove directly to Capitol Records where I met up with the great Al Schmitt. Al took a short time away from a mixing session to give me a tour of famed Studios A and B where Frank, Nat, Judy, Dean and so many others recorded some of the greatest records ever. I got to see the "local" tape vault, met with cutting engineer Ron McMaster and with Ian Sefchick who is cutting the Blue Note lacquers using a resurrected Neumann VM-66 lathe and SX-74 cutter head Capitol had mothballed and consigned to the storage room.

Tomorrow afternoon I will meet with Blue Note President Don Was to discuss the reissue series, and if he allows, record it and post it on YouTube.

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Glad you're undertaking this trip, Mikey. Many of us including myself really want to get to the bottom of this Blue Note mystery.

Can't wait to see your footage & report

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I can't wait to hear the humor! :-)

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I just had to state the obvious!'s picture

Nice work if you can get it....and you can get it if you try!

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Cool pic of "The House That Nat built!"

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I've always admired this cool looking building, since I first saw it in pictures, and some of the early Capitol record sleeves, in the early sixties. It really does look like a 'stack of 45's' I otherwise know nothing of its architectural history. Ha..maybe I should 'Google' it... Thanks Michael.

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An SD card? A flash drive?

Ah what am I saying? "New record company building" HAHA never again happen.

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If you are in town on Sunday, please feel free to stop by Upscale Audio (2504 Spring Terrace in Upland) for the LA/OC Audio Society's monthly meeting (2-5 pm).  And you do have a pretty cool gig.  Hope you are enjoying LA!

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I leave for NJ early flight on Friday. I flew out here on the 6:13AM flight Tuesday. Up at 4AM. So yes, it's a cool job (if you want to call this kind of fun a "job") but there are some sacrifices (none involve animals).

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can't wait to read all the skinny & lowdown

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At least we can live vicariuosly through your videos. 

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Is this where the new Gov't Mule was done?

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Looking forward to the video footage.

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Did you make it down the street to Amoeba Records?  I was only there a couple times but I came home with a hundred records.  I held them on my lap the whole time on the plane.



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I'm eager to hear the lowdown on this series from. Mr. Was via Mr. Fremer. There seems to be scant inside info available on the interwebs so far. 

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Anyone have a count on how many Blue Note reissues on vinyl and cd? Must be over a dozen? Mono, Stereo, 45 rpm, 33 1/3 rpm, HDCD, SACD etc. Now Blue Note itself is getting in on the act! The master tapes must be getting a little beat up?