The AJ Conti Transcendence Turntable Debuts at LAAS 2017

Without a doubt, the sound produced in the Vandersteen, Audio Research, Basis, Harmonic Resolution Systems room at LAAS 2017 was the best ever achieved by this team at an audio show.

Hosted by Optimal Enchantment's Randy Cooley, the room featured the late AJ Conti's Transcendence turntable and Super Arm fitted with Lyra Atlas cartridge, the Vandersteen 7 speakers plus new Vandersteen subwoofers and Vandersteen amplifiers plus ARC Reference Phono 10 phono preamp.

This turntable is the acrylic-free, minimal-plinth design I always hoped AJ would design and built.

This memorial to AJ was in the room.

mobileholmes's picture

You've shown dozens and dozens of new, VERY expensive, turntables. I know manufacturers keep most failures a secret, but are any of these things going to be viable in such a crowded market (past and present)? Anyway, this thing does look really nice.

Glotz's picture

I imagine you would be, given the very different design approach, and your vitriol for acrylic.

I was kinda hoping they had an acrylic-platter'd version of this table too, just to make you go through the (reviewer) motions.. lol... So kidding! I am sure it would fail in comparison to aluminum or other composites.

Enjoy the show, dude.

volvic's picture

However, never been a fan of the armboard being detached from the table, still like most of Conti's designs definitely a looker.