Analogplanet Interviews Record Industry Pressing Plant Owner Ton Vermeulen

Before touring the Record Industry pressing plant Analogplanet's Michael Fremer sat down with Ton Vermeulen to get the factory's history and a figurative finger on the pulse of a man who would buy a record pressing plant as the vinyl record lay on its supposed death bed.

The book referred to by Mr. Vermeulen towards the interview's conclusion is a history of the factory currently being written by Dutch journalist Robert Haagsma. On the day Fremer emailed Ton to tell him he would be in the U.K. and available to fly over to tour the factory, Ton had received an email from Mr. Haagsma with a wish-list of people to interview for the project and Fremer was on the list! So that interview also took place during the visit, at a local audio emporium.

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