Cynthia The Audio Belle Interviews AnalogPlanet's Michael Fremer

At the 2019 Rocky Mountain Audio Show, "Cynthia, the Audio Belle" asked if she could interview me. Of course I said "yes" and that turned into 47 minutes worth that she's edited and split into two parts. I'm posting before watching so I hope it's okay!

Here's a picture of Cynthia Bishop that I pinched from "The Audiophiliac"'s YouTube channel. I don't think Steve Guttenberg will mind. I figure you should know to whom I was talking.

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Where can I get one??

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The tie is by RM Style (Ralph Marlin) and is maybe from 15 years ago?

They made a series of Beatles ties.

Right now, Ebay is the only place I see them.

If you search Beatles revolver necktie you will find two currently listed.

It's a fun tie!

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in noisy environments don't work well.

A tip here would be a little mic mixer like the Mackie 402VLZ4 ($99) with two handheld vocal mics like the Shure SM58 ($99 ea) would have worked great with the output of the Mackie into the the line in of the camera.

Shows are terribly noisy and we like hearing you up close.

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Interviewer’s set up, not mine of course.
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On 99% of YOUR videos your audio is excellent. She was probably concentrating so hard on her interview with you she was unaware of how loud the venue was. Guys like me who do location recording the first thing we do is assess the ambient noise of the room.

Still, Nice of her to do that with you.

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Micheal,you are one of 4 Jews outside of Tel Aviv who works on cars. I have been asked so many times while working on a customers car. Are you Jewish ? My father owned and operated a repair shop. They tell me i'm my fathers son.

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What is with the constant edit cuts. It is so annoying, only 40 seconds in and I had to turn it off.

Michael is providing an anecdote and then it just cuts out.

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Ok I understand that beginning bit was just a segway to the full interview. Was poorly done IMO and I had no idea what was going on.

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Yes I think it’s a mistake to open that way...
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Hmm, 4350's on your mind:)

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No longer live at home and my parents still get upset that I'm still spending my money on records. My dad came to visit and saw the new box set of Analogphonic Mravinsky Tchaikovsky and grilled me as to how many more versions of the 4th, 5th and 6th I need. I told him after all these years he still doesn't get it.

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...but I'd much rather see her in the video than you :-)

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I watch Steve Guttenberg's daily Audiophiliac. You could do a 'Michael Remembers' series of daily short pieces that simply create a memoir of your life with LPs.

I have a voice for newsprint and a face for radio, but you could really pull that off.

Your anecdotes were great.

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That's a good idea but first my Audiophiliac parody, which is in the works with Steve's blessing.
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Keep going !

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... Fray-mer or Freh-mer?

The question "do I look good" is reminiscent of the "how do I look" scene from the movie Papillon:

It is annoying that Marantz (and Denon) seem to have had their service manuals - particularly those for long out-of-production models - removed from the various free sites.

Never moving to Florida if it means having to talk like Larry David.

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Ah come on everybody, don't be so hard on someone starting out. The best of intentions are not always met with experience! I actually enjoyed both videos!

James, Dublin, Ireland

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She's great.... and if she can write, she'll be here soon.
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Cynthia deserves credit for her interview with Michael and she will learn to make the audio better. It’s a learning process and when we make mistakes we learn how to correct them. On the matter of harsh CD players and cd’s, I once had a Cambridge Audio CD player in the 1980’s the thing broke after 18 months. I bought a Pioneer CD player to replace it (it had a turntable you place the cd with the shiny surface upwards) you know what has not let my down for 35yrs? My Linn LP12! Case closed1

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I enjoyed it yeah it was rough but Michael's stories were great. Got me thinking he should write a memoir with all he has experienced the people he has met

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I disagree with about 85% of what Michael Fremer says but I also read every word and watch every video...Keep it up and play it strait...

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See I don't believe that you have to spend tons of money to get good sound...You can get good sound and good components for under $1000 each....Once you start paying over $5000 for something be it amps A phono cartridge; cables or what ever you start getting into the territory of diminishing returns and your paying too much for only a slight improvement if any at all...Any yes I do believe that double blind tests have some validity...They prove that differences are not blatant but subtle...Also I think there is also such a thing as the placebo effect and one can not sickly go by what one hears or thinks they hear but it must be back up with some kind of science or at least a theory...otherwise your just fooling yourself(and Others) possibly. Everyone can have an opinion but their is only one correct answer.

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You are welcome to visit and then write about what you heard. Especially after I swap out A.C. cables on my amplifiers.
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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Given that Mike has already told lots of great stories the memoir is already a hundred miles down the road.


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