Graham Nash Talks About the Release of "Over the Years"— A Retrospective With A Twist (Corrected)

AnalogPlanet last spoke with Graham Nash in 2016 upon the release of This Path Tonight, his latest collection of new songs. On June 29th RHINO will issue Over the Years a new 30 track, 15 song CD retrospective also available on vinyl as a 15 song double LP set. Over the Years includes songs originally released on CSN and CSN&Y albums as well as songs from the records he made with David Crosby and of course from his solo albums beginning with 1971's "Songs For Beginners".

The CD includes the original studio recordings on one disc and on the other all of the studio demos of the same tunes, 12 of which have never before been released. What Nash says regarding the vinyl is mistaken. Not sure from where he got the information but his archivist Joel Bernstein saw the video and offered corrections:
1) The 2 CD set is as described. The vinyl edition includes only the original recordings and is NOT the demos (though I think that was great idea and sorry that's not how the set was produced since even the demos were done in good studios and should sound fine).
2) The package was assembled from files not tape (which makes sense. Such an undertaking would be extremely costly and require copies to be made of each tune).
3) I have no doubt Nash was not trying to "pull a fast one" here (though I'm ready for the political commenters to pounce) and I'm happy to set the "record" straight (pun intended).

The songs include "Marrakesh Express", "Teach Your Children", "Just a Song Before I Go" and all of the others you'd expect to find on such a compilation. Side 4 is a Nash-created lacquer etching.

As you watch the video you'll see him divert his attention to something off screen. He's watching CNN's coverage of recent Senatorial hearings on the IG report regarding the FBI's conduct during the last presidential campaign, which he talks about. So there will be politics here. You have been warned!

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Do you know the geographical location for the album cover?

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Do you know the geographical location for the album cover?

The video pauses at "Where I used to live for many years", but it may be my AT&T High Speed? internet and not you.

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when I don't full screen the video. I'm sure it is something at my end, but a great interview.

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Somehow the original obnoxious comment got melded into my response, so the original is in this response:

Graham was mistaken and I am about to fix the mistakes but first:

It's not that I shouldn't believe "liberal media", it's that YOU BELIEVE RIGHT WING BULLSHIT LIES.

Here is one place I will NOT be nice to a reader. I'd rather not have you as one.

Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson and the other lying turd hurlers can go to hell. THIS IS A REAL TRUMP CAUSED CRISIS. Real lives are impacted. Children's lives are affected. There are no "crisis actors" or fake parents in this.

Your brain has been "infested".

(original post below):

3 vinyl sides of demos?.. Seriously?.. Will the price be $50?.. Have fun with that one, I'll pass for sure..

Also, don't believe the liberal lies regarding the children at the border.. Some of the photos are fake and to compare it to a concentration camp is absolute insanity.. Keep in mind that some of these parents aren't parents at all.. They're just using someone else's child to enter our country..

Feel free to watch a 5 minute vid to see the truth.. Maybe even Nash can be educated by this truthful video..

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Keep your political comments off this site.

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...please limit your political BS to every other site on the net and leave this one alone. Liberal, conservative or Whig, it does not belong here. I realize that you are responding to comments made by Mr. Nash, but he doesn't care about your opinion and neither does anyone else.

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Died of leukemia at age 28.

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That can easily mean that they took the tape and digitized it then cut the records.

As far as only having the demos on vinyl that seems like a very strange decision. I can really only see his biggest fans buying that. Maybe he should have had three versions of the album. One being just the original studio tracks, one being just the demo tracks and one being a deluxe version that has both. This will cater to everyone and possibly triple dip those completest fans.

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Graham was mistaken about much of this and I will correct in the body of the copy..
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Makes more sense now. I, like you do wish they had an option to get the demos on vinyl though. I hope they at least make the hi res files available for purchase at bare minimum.

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It is hard for me to get excited about digital sourced vinyl, but if he was correct about Bernie mastering it, it might be worth having as a consistently good mastering of all these tracks in one place. So I would assume the same mastering would be used for the CD. I just realized I don’t have Wind On The Water in my hard drive.
So when you say Micheal, that it would be crazy expensive to copy tracks to tape from various reels, what do you really mean ?
A few days, a few weeks of man hours ? Or is it more that it’s just unusual these days and perceived as an unnecessary cost and more of a hassle than it actually is, because a compilation can be assembled at almost no expense, digitally.
I think it highlights a real disconnect between the artist, Nash and his apparent fantasy of what he would like, or maybe only what he thinks you want to hear and the reality of the business, which he delegates. Whatever !

There is a new remastering of Daylight again on vinyl but I’m not considering going for it until credit can be found. Still looking for a quiet original. Why didn’t they just send the tape over to Bernie’s there is nothing hard about that !
I could imagine Trump in some not too altered reality starting an exclusive record label of anti-environmental artists pressing analog on to vinyl produced from rendered whale fat. That might help to further divide the all important audiophile base.

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First they'd have to get all of the master tapes to Bernie's. That's costly to begin with. It's far easier to say it then to accomplish it. Many man-hours involved, insurance policies, hand carrying etc. Then the tracks would have to be copied to tape to assemble a cutting reel with levels equalized and azimuth corrected for each tape, etc. It would be time consuming and expensive...
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Michael, reading your articles has always added so much to my enjoyment of the hobby we all love so much. But I'm very saddened to experience your contributing to hateful political rhetoric on this forum. I submit to you that this should be a place where we can all come together and talk about audio - not politics, particularly that filled with hatefull invective.

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I contributed to hateful political rhetoric? You are grotesquely projecting. Music and all art sometimes have political components and they are not to be censored out. So you are saying that Bob Dylan contributes to "hateful political rhetoric"? And Woody Guthrie? And I could go on. Graham Nash has written many political songs. They are worthy of discussion and they are not "hateful". They shed light on bad situations. "Hateful" is saying that immigrants "infest" America. (Trump). "Hateful" is saying that people "sneak over the border with cantaloupe sized buttocks filled with marijuana." (Steve King). HATEFUL is how Donald Trump is governing America today. Hate and lies. I only write this because you started the fire. Were there conservative musical artists with a point of view that differs from mine, they'd be welcome here to express them in their art and in their words.
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I am glad you stood up for those of us that share how you feel. For those that don't. Sorry, this isn't a time for moral equivalence. One "side" is governing with hate and support in that hate is complicity in that hate.

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I've been a fan of your website for years, it has taught me a lot about the music I love. This response finally inspired me to create an account in order to thank you! Keep up the great work.

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I gather the original post has been cast out but one can get the gist.

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This is no time to roll over and stay asleep. Seriously bad things are being done in our names that are harming massive numbers of people. Art is not about escaping into some sanitised PC version of reality, and it's often about questioning it in the here and now. Michael, you're telling the truth here-- not the blue truth, not the red truth, THE goddamn truth. It needs to be said, you said it well, and I am glad you said it. Thank you.

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I noticed that some of the members the Analog Planet community took some time off from having a good cry over the Hollies maudlin ‘You Are The Air That I Breathe’ and breathlessly waiting for the ‘Peter Noone Retrospective…Special Edition’ to get their infantile hate on for Trump in an oleaginous display of risible sanctimony. What a vapid simpering display of dysnomia….silly things….it’s nothing a soy latte and a nice soothing strawberry douche can’t remedy. It seems as though the proximate cause for these unhinged histrionics originated from the deranged fulminations of a broken down drug addled epigone and his fetid unctuous handmaiden using devious misdirection to obfuscate his decades long criminal association with the unspeakably vile pederast John Phillips who pimped out his own underage daughter to his friends in the ‘70s….way to go dude. ’Ne plus ultra’. Apparently this is a salutary moral pinnacle for this execrable crowd of preening fops from which to pass judgment on the demon Trump…but, ‘De gustabus’… In a way though, it’s a pretty good strategy for weak minded lugubrious poltroons recoiling in fright from the apotheosis of an alpha male. … Oh well, maybe Hillary can rise from the tomb like Maila Nurmi in ‘Plan Nine From Outer Space’ and make it all better.

Namaste, sweetie pies.

Oh, yeah…Bill Clinton is a rapist.

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Hateful ? Indeed . . .

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How was what he just said hateful? Opinionated and negative towards Trump maybe but hateful? I don't think so.

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or part of the resistance or being passive in the face of a dark occupation.

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We have completely different definitions of the word hateful.

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Of a different opinion than yours, clearly, but otherwise quite reasonable and making logical arguments. If you do not like challenges to the actual, demonstrable corruption and hatefulness of this administration, you are in the wrong place watching videos of Graham Nash. Search for Ted Nugent on youtube and binge on your confirmation bias. Do not confuse logical opposition with hate.

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To keep this post largely about music, I have to say that Nash's Songs for Beginners is both a brilliant collection of songs and one of my fave LPs to show off my (or any )stereo. His voice and the guitar sound beautiful to me on this record.

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In other news, Kylie Jenner is wearing a sports bra with leggings and clear high heels.

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Absolutely love Songs For Beginners....(EVEN ON CD)


P.S. Jeff Sessions Too!!

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I heard Sarah Huckabee Sanders is now referring to the song "Ohio" as "Four Fake Dead Crisis Actors in Ohio, May They Rot In Hell" written by some 'Canadian foreigner.'

She also mentioned, "Teach Your Children Well, At Home, So The Liberal Academics Can't Pollute Their Good Christian Minds."

She says the song "Our House" is about caging evil children and "Carry On" is an endorsement of the Trump administration and she thanked CSNY for supporting the President with what she claimed is an upcoming rework of a song that CSNY will be renaming 'Sweet Donnie Blue Eyes."

Lastly, she admonished, "If you take a ride on that there Marrakesh Express, you will not be allowed to return to 'Merica.'"