High End Munich 2019 Days 3 & 4—Mop Up, Wrap Up and Clean Up! (Note to U.S. Viewers)

ADDITIONAL NOTE: MY APPEAL WAS REJECTED. THEREFORE, BECAUSE THERE'S 11 SECONDS OF AC/DC PLAYING ON A TURNTABLE IN A ROOM, IF I DO NOT REMOVE THE 11 SECONDS OF THAT MUSIC, THE VIDEO WILL BE BLOCKED. I'M IN THE PROCESS OF DOING THAT, BUT WHAT A LAME MOVE BY SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT! Note: This video was initially blocked by a company called SME, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the turntable and tone arm company SME. This SME is a music publisher related company that trolls the Internet looking for horrible transgressions such as on this video that uses 11.2 seconds of AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long", which was playing on a turntable in a room I visited at High End Munich. The idiocy of this blockage, especially based on 11.2 seconds of incidental background music at a hi-fi show that encourages people to purchase physical media, should be self-evident but as is usual in the music business, an ax is used here instead of a scalpel. Idiots! I am still overseas, but have been told it's been restored while I appeal the copyright strike.

With just about every new turntable at High End Munich covered, Days 3 and 4 were times to slow down, visit more rooms and have a few record cleaning adventures. Coverage is not finished though. There will be another video coming that you might enjoy.

I'm now in Brussels at EISA so haven't time to write more about this video so you'll have to watch it!

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This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

Why would SME do that?

Anyone else blocked?

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Yep, definitely blocked.

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...in SME's home country. However SME is not featured anywhere in the video in any case!

It might assist if eflatminor and and larson manor would kindly identify which country they are posting from. Are they the same or is the video being blocked in multiple counties?

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It's showing as blocked by SME for me also. Posting from the West Coast, USA.

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West Coast US.

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Blocked - East Coast USA

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I really want to see the Degritter video!

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I really want to see the Degritter video!

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SME=Sony Music Entertainment?

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...not the SME of tonearm and turntable fame but those lovely people who brought you the rootkit scandal.

Filming another, unconnected, party legally playing a copyright recording as part of a news type report as in this instance would not constitute an infringement of copyright in most jurisdictions as it falls within a doctrine known as " fair dealing". Maybe not in the USA?

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Fine up here in Canada.....

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I was able to access the video by using a vpn to change my ip to a Hong Kong address. Video playback quality not great but it worked. The best moment was Michael's reaction when one of the exhibitors yanked a record belonging to Michael from a cleaning machine, long before the process had completed.

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how Sony has its filtering and monetization scheme set. Rather than going through the whole counter notice procedure under the DMCA, M.F. might want to contact one of his friends at Sony and get them to ok it. I have no idea how much of Sony's catalog is included in the demos- chances are, it's demo clips. There is an exemption in the '76 Act (US) for what we now think of as brick and mortar record stores, but i don't recall that in the digital era revisions to the Act, which have been piecemeal. There is a wholesale revision to the statute that was started. The last one began prior to 1960 and resulted in final legislation as of 1976. I don't think you want to wait that long. Interesting that some countries may not be blocked- may have to do with where they claim rights in certain material. Welcome to the Internet, copyright and music.

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Still blocked

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Use Opera browser a VPN is built-in.

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Blocked in Arizona

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Use the Opera browser and select best option in the included VPN.

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Yes, I verified the video is not blocked in Opera if VPN is enabled in Opera advanced settings. With VPN enabled, the connection to websites is via a VPN server and the apparent viewer location becomes the same as the location of the server.

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Opera browser worked great for me too with the VPN enabled.

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... "High-Fee" show next year, the revised version of his record cleaning machine will be fitted with a prominent e-stop switch.

I tried to post a video showing an isolation platform that uses "The Most Stuf" Oreos as isolating elements, but Nabisco blocked it.

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I use the Ursa Major carbon fiber dust brush and it is perfect.

At about the 4 minute mark on the video.

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Ursa Major's carbon fibre brush with seven (7) double rows works great! A clear improvement over all the other carbon fibre brushes I have tried over the years. Greta value, solidly built and reliably shipped direct! I read about it in the comments on Analog Planet a few years ago and hope this pays it forward :-)

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...When I hear the tripe that purports to be science. A cleaning solution that has nothing in it but water...but it’s “technical water”, water that is altered but has no other ingredients!

I encourage any and everyone to avoid these charlatans like the plague. This is not possible. It’s doesn't even qualify as pseudoscience, it’s that bad.

Anton D's picture

The hypothesis is that once it is “activated,” the water is changed in a way such that it “remembers” what the contents and conditions were when it was “activated.”

That record washing solution also treats allergies, menopause, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome.


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CBD Oil for all your vinyl aches and pains... a few drops under the tongue and the soundstage “opens” up. Technical, so technical. That will be be my new phrase from now on...

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Keen to learn more about the unit. I think there is some merit to spin drying as opposed to wiping by hand or even fan drying as I think there are better alternatives. Hope he sorts out the issues with the unit and comes back with a price. Hope not too much.

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...I have learned about high-quality analog sound reproduction, it's that the price is always "too much".

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Just contacted SME to finally upgrade my M10's power supply, was warned there would be an increase several months ago; yikes over 150 GBP that's $190 increase!!! Should just stop and be happy with what I've got.

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I tried to send you an email at the old address I had for you, but it bounced. Call Sony and get them to OK it. Going thru the DMCA counter notice may not get you where you want to be. No legal advice being provided here- I'm retired.
bill hart