Veteran Turntable Designer Touraj Moghaddam Introduces The Dynamic Groove Record Player

Vertere Dynamic Groove "plug'n'play" turntable
Yes, the megabuck turntables and other costly products get the most attention, but the introduction of the Vertere Dynamic Groove turntable, a circa $4000 "plug'n'play" design from Vertere struck me among the most significant debuts at High End Munich 2019.

It is not a coincidence that the first two reports from High End Munich 2019 feature images of this turntable. Mr. Moghaddam's designs for his previous company Roksan are well-known as are his costly ones for Vertere. On this video he explains the difficulties involved in designing high performance for low cost, which is arguably a more difficult task. The Dynamic Groove is a true "plug'n'play" turntable complete with cartridge. It's designed for those who want "out of the box" high performance. Based on what we heard in the room, he's succeeded.

“The job of a record player is very simple, and very linear” says Touraj Moghaddam “the most accurate measurement of something going past the stylus and throwing it from side to side over 1000 times every centimetre.” Among the Dynamic Groove's features:

• Advanced microprocessor generated electronic motor drive for best possible drive
• Fully programmable and copper/stainless steel shielded motor drive PCB – allowing for future upgrades. • Low voltage 24 pole precision synchronous motor, with its dedicated power supply precisely adjusted for lowest motor noise and vibration
• High-accuracy polished stainless steel, high aspect ratio, main bearing spindle and main bearing housing with tungsten carbide super-precision ball •
High precision CNC machined aluminium alloy drive pulley • High precision machined aluminium alloy platter with bonded PETG record interface mat and cork/neoprene/nitrile bonded underside resonance control disk
• Noiseless and stiction eliminating nylon thread tonearm bearings each made up of hundreds of 3 microns thick twined Nylon 6.6/6 strands
• Two layer aluminium alloy / polymer sandwich non resonant tonearm beam
• One piece, gold plated flexible PCB tonearm internal wiring
• Stainless steel main balancing counterweight and tracking adjustment weight

I hope you will watch the short video because it will give you insight into how one legendary designer went about the task of creating great sound that won't break the bank, by thinking "outside the box".

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I watched the entirety of this meandering 'explanation' of how one designs "down" to just $4K for a turntable made largely out of plastic and concluded that this guy is not deserving of my $. After all his hoo-ha about how he had to think-out-of-the-box in developing his new tonearm thread-bearing -- which borrows entirely from the original designs of Schroder and WTL without attribution -- to free-up cash to not have to economise on the plinth, it turns out that this new TT is somewhat cheaper than the Vertere models above by, yes, economising on the plinth. That is, the double- and triple-layered plinths of the higher models that decouple the motor from the arm and platter are eschewed in the DG1 for the motor-bolted-to-the-plinth cheapness that is endemic TT design today.

A 20-min video that said nothing. And to think that this is the guy who once had the chops to develop the Roksan Xerxes...

What exactly is 'significant' about this Mikey?

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Yes, how is it that this guy, a guy who had well known developmental chops, has become some guy who doesn't have the equal of your knowledge, or the knowledge of a moron. Have the lofty fallen or have the morons risen?

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... got it.

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But the TT is pretty nice, and obviously DOES have some genuinely interesting ideas. How can anyone take a look at how this is constructed and not think that this is taking some pretty innovative approaches to the various issues that TTs need to address? Will reserve judgement until reviews but it'd be on my "give it a try list."

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Interesting product line, interesting website. Thanks for the heads-up.