Identifying Defective Tom Waits Reissues

Hi there Mr. Fremer, I trust you're well. I wonder if you can help me. I've ordered the updated versions of the Rhino Tom Waits titles from Music Direct - those cut by Chris Bellman from the original analogue reels. Is there a way of knowing that I'm receiving the correct versions? Thanks for any assistance, Randall (Johannesburg, South Africa).

Randall Abrahams

Randall: There are two ways of telling: first you'll see the CB (Chris Bellman) scribe on the lead out groove area if it's the replacement version. The original will have a very small 'rm' for Ron McMaster who cut at Capitol from a digital source. Also if there are literally no high frequencies above 6kHz, you'll know it's the defective original.

You should be able to search analogplanet under "Tom Waits" or "Small Change" and find the original story regarding this release.

While Rhino did its best to clear the shelves of the old one, it's possible some are still out there. Meanwhile some readers have also complained that their replacement copies have yet to arrive and Dr. Rhino is not returning their emails. We're on the case!


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I'm late to this party and have found that I have two titles with no "CB" just "rm" in the dead wax... On first listen, thought it was me, they lacked what my originals had (along with the loving wear and tear) so I put them on the shelf. After reading the Analog Planet article and then the one on ANTI, I realized my ears were just fine and chalked it up to another bad repress issue... missed the "dead line", wrote Rhino anyway, and they were cordial, we'll see if I get burned or not!

Happy Listening! ;^)>

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Can't find any mention of the October 1st event at the CUNY Grad Center. What gives?


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Details: Blurb/registration: Event start time: 7:00 (please arrive no later than 6.45) Event end time: 8-8.15, depending on how it’s going. Location: The Elebash Recital Hall at the Graduate Center, CUNY ( The Grad Center is located at 365 Fifth ave, between 34th and 35th streets)