Opening Day Coverage of Bangkok's What Hi-Fi? 2017 High End Show editor Michael Fremer is at the 2017 What Hi Fi? Bangkok Show taking place Thursday through Sunday July 27th through Sunday July 30th at the sprawling BiTech convention center.

Though it's a relatively small show—and the first produced by Thailand's What Hi-Fi? magazine— the attendees are true audio enthusiasts and music lovers.

Today's (Friday's) turntable set-up seminar was well-attended. Tomorrow's should be even better. This video was recorded on Thursday, opening day. The promoters didn't expect a large crowd opening day and they were not disappointed. Today's attendance was better and the weekend's is supposed to be even better.

Most of the equipment will be familiar to most viewers but there were a few that were new including VPI's Cliffwood turntable and the new top of the line McIntosh phono preamplifier. Also attending are VPI's Mat Weisfeld, Analogue Productions' Chad Kassem and Rowland Audio's Jeff Rowland.

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Was there recently on a trip. I'd recommend taking some time to see the Royal Palace plus Arun Wat- both pretty amazing, especially the palace, though you should expect huge crowds.

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You showed a lot of restraint for a vinyl junkie as well.

Interesting they still have 'booth babes' at the shows. I assume the US audio shows don't. Leggy women DO put me in an amorous buying mood. Get me some Thai stick and NOW we got a show! J/K

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Hey Michael, I believe it was your first day visiting the VPI space in Bangkok and there appeared to be a Reel to Reel machine playing some very bloomy sax. It appeared to have a lot of sonic potential.
I went to Acoustic Sounds site to look at their Reel to Reel offering but nothing appeared to come close. Was this something Matt put together for the show, do you know the name of the album?

Thank you in advance

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I 'Shazamed' the heck out of that part of the video and got nothin'.

Could it be...

Robert Coelho Lopes?

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I have Gentle Ben at home, but that piece does not sound familiar. I know Chad just released a reel to reel of Gentle Ben, so I will go listen more.

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If it was, THANK YOU!

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What it was... but I can axe
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Hey, listened to the whole album (Gentle Ben), not it!