At Thai International High End 2017 News of New Audible Illusions Phono Preamplifier

Sometimes you have to travel overseas for news about American audio. While at the Thai show I learned of a new stand-alone phono preamplifier from venerable but until recently inactive Audible Illusions.

The new PH-1 is a two box design with signal processing section based upon the original Modulus' John Curl designed phono section. Why mess with a good thing? Couldn't get pricing information.

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But still, I would be very much interested in a review!

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Too obvious, perhaps, but did you consider checking the Audible Illusions website?
It's $8,495.00.

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... this unit and another John Curl design, the Parasound JC-3+ at about one-third the price.

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...and of course, between the new stand alone and the old AI phono amplifier, the one integrated in the Modulus.

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AI is still active. Art Ferris has updated the Modulus 3A to the 3B, I took delivery of one 6 months ago (after a long wait). Fantastic update to a veritable classic preamp! Also Art came out with Modulus L3A line stage and got a rave review in the Absolute Sound Feb 2016. Michael you should give Art a call.

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Could you say something on how the 3B phono compares to the 3A one?

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My comments are for the Modulus 3 vs the 3B (I did not own a 3A) I use MM cartridges. (I am currently using a Clearaudio Maestro Wood Cartridge) I have no experience with the MC phono board. Those qualifications aside. The differences I hear are as follows:

Probably the biggest improvement is how dead quiet the M3B phono stage is. It is much, much quieter than the M3, the sound comes out of a "black background". Next improvement, significantly tighter and deeper bass. The M3B has improved detail resolution and micro-dynamics, macro-dynamics are also improved. Imaging is more precise, sound stage is wider and deeper. Admittedly what I describe also reflects improvements in the line stage section of the preamp. Tonally the M3B is more neutral than the M3, the highs are more extended, though not in anyway analytical. Overall the new preamp is a huge step up from the Modulus 3. Anecdotally, comments I have read from M3A owners also report a large improvement going to the M3B. The only downside is you need to be prepared to wait quite a while for delivery. I believe Art is still offering upgrade pricing from the M3A.

Hope that that answers your question.

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Thanks Andy!

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Nice article pure informative and knowledgeable thank you for sharing it here.

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As the Director of Sales for Audible Illusions, I can tell you that the company is in the midst of a complete rebirth. We have recently completed the build of a new state of the art manufacturing facility in Florida, and will be introducing several new products, including a new Stereo Amplifier in the upcoming year.
Apologies to Michael for his long journey to hear about our new product, but as this circuit will likely be the foundation for other future products, we want to ensure it is just right before bringing it to the audio experts. In the very near future, we will provide additional details on the PH-1, but needless to say, we are excited about the product and expect it to bring great joy to music lovers.
We embarked on this project three years ago when we joined forces with two of the most respected names in audio, John Curl and Carl Thompson. The goal was to build a state-of-the-art phono preamplifier with all manufacturing and quality control on US soil. Not satisfied with existing products on the market, our goal was to design a phono stage leveraging their decades of experience but taking full advantage of the latest devices and materials. Furthermore, we wanted to bring a reference product at a price point within reach of a broader audience.
Anyone who has ever owned an Audible Illusions product knows about our commitment to value, and meticulous attention to detail. With over 20,000+ units still in service, we are proud that our designs are built to last. We sincerely appreciate the praise reviewers and customers have heaped our equipment and company over the years. It is this support that drives us forward. Our investment in a new manufacturing facility, staff and designs will no doubt provide a foundation for future growth and ensure our customers have great products and a company to support them for decades to come.

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I do have to verify the long wait times to get your unit. It took 5 months to get mine, when told it would be about 4 weeks. Frustrating at the time, but once you get the 3B, all will be forgiven. It is a master pieces, plain and simple. Dead quiet, to the point of shocking. And the sound stage is breath taking. When the wife notices and asks what did you do, you know it's good.

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I've got the one with the blue lights - the L3A. I bought it not too long ago here in New Zealand to use with my Leben CS660P amp and Harbeth SHL5 speakers. It sounds absolutely fantastic and lifted the 660P into a whole different league than with just its passive input. Quite strong on rhythm which is important to me (I use Naim amps in my dining room), and the high gain available was just what I'd been looking for with my low output Lyra Helikon SL cartridge. I absolutely love it, although the captive umbilical cable connecting the power supply to preamp can make it a little tricky to move if you need to change position on the rack. Since putting it in the system I've had no desire to change, upgrade or anything - I just like listening to music now. Totally involving sound and a real game changer for me.

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Mine is the AI preamp, rather than the phonostage. If the Phonostage sounds anything like the L3A, it will be very special indeed.