A Quick Visit to Stockholm's Veteran Hifi

Towards the end of the Stockholm show I was called away and asked to visit a hifi store on the other side of town. I was told I'd like what I saw and I did.

Veteran Hifi is an old establishment filled with shelves of vintage analog gear and some new including cartridges from Miyajima Labs and Clearaudio and a Music Hall MMF-1. Other new gear includes Gradient speakers, which are really terrific, versatile speakers that are not well known in America.

Among the gear you'll see in the quick video are vintage turntables from Thorens and Luxman as well as a legendary Transcriptor similar to the one in "A Clockwork Orange" an an EMT. Also if you look carefully you'll see an Edison voice recorder, a vintage Ortofon arm and a reproduction. There's an old EMI transcription arm and I can't even remember half of the stuff I saw.

Of particular interest is a turntable that the store owner Mirre Stasilowicz designed and manufactures in the store along with a $1200 (appx.) tangential tracker that a customer said sounded much better than a far more expensive German one he'd been using. The 'table, also around $1200 (don't hold me to the prices), features a multi-ply wood arm board (similar to what Simon Yorke uses) that can accommodate two arms, an acrylic platter and a nicely machined bearing with an adjustable magnetic repulsion feature. The outboard A.C. motor is the same one used by many other manufacturers.

One of the 'tables was fitted with a March DP-8 arm and the combo also sounded really good (that arm is considerably more expensive than the tangential tracker and analogplanet currently has one under review).

A larger version of the 'table with a much taller, heavier version of the platter and a drive system that includes a pair of passive pulleys was also on display.

The back room was an analog fanatics playroom, filled with cartridges, tools, a lathe for building replacement parts and just a whole lot of great clutter. It was like stepping well into the past while having a foot in the future.

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Thanks for posting the video Mr.Fremer. It is just so delightful seeing vintage gear. I love the mix of the legacy and modern too. I could sit in a shop like that and stare all day. I have a legacy system myself and I love it. I grew up seeing what is now considered vintage gear, but never had any until about 5 or 6 years ago when I grabbed some on the tail end of availability (with any hint of ease at least). There is something really special about playing vinyl on the gear it was created for.
Do you bring an extra bag or something for your eyes when you get to see some of the things like this that you see? I know I'd be chasing my eyeballs across the floor often.ha ha ha

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Mirres arm Simply Black Cantus (about 1800USD) is a very good one. I use it on my Hanss Acoustic T60 TT together with a SME V arm.With the same PU in both arms, Clearaudio Goldfinger, the Cantus was clearly better. I would call it a true High End bargain.

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Simply Black Magic 2 & Cantus are a real bargain, said the old Linn-veteran.

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Loads of idler drives, Thorens, EMT and all those Decca and DG albums on the shelf. I was born too late.

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Thanks for turning back time Mikey. I love this old stuff!
Just some constructive criticism, any chance of trying to improve your videoing skills a little bit please? Mainly slowing down and being less erratic with the camera. Will help us appreciate all this wonderful stuff being filmed. Sorry.