Stockholm High End Mässan 2015 Show Coverage

Turntable set-up seminars and a visit to the Marten loudspeaker company in Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city are the main agenda during this short visit but if there's anything new and interesting we'll report on it.

This turntable and tone arm for instance. The arm is the latest iteration of Marc Gomez's Swedish Analogue Technologies design that we first spotted in Munich. Gomez is using an Ortofon Anna cartridge. The massive 'table is new to us. It is an RB Turntable by Rui Borges and the first from Portugal that I've encountered.

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You could swing by the SAAB (aka NEVS) factory and pay your respects.

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Is in Trollhattan. Volvo is in Gotenburg. I am in Gotenburg now but not visiting Volvo. Visited Saab last time I was in Stockholm!
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The intention was [Since you're in Gotenburg, which] is about an hour away from Trollhättan [where the SAAB factory is/was located, perhaps] you could swing by the SAAB (aka NEVS) factory and pay your respects.

Maybe you can find a deal on a new-old-stock A/C compressor to keep on hand in case the replacement you have fails.

My dad had a SAAB 96 back in the mid-60's. I remember all the strange looks he used to get at gas stations while emptying a can of two-stroke oil into the tank prior to refueling.

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While I was there I was told that the factory produced 100 4 cylinder 9-3 turbos that week. The Chinese owners are doggedly determined to keep the company alive. The factory has not been gutted. I had a 96 V-4 that I kept for 18 years. I loved that car and sold it in 2000 to a vinyl-lover. I demanded "visitation" rights and couple of times he did bring it back for me to say hello.

I had a friend who gave his wife a 2-stroke 96 back in the day and it was really a problem for her. She loved the car but every time she stopped for gas she asked the attendant to pour a can of oil into the gas tank and they always refused saying "lady, the oil does not go in the gas tank. If you want to pour a can of oil in the gas tank you're going to have to do it yourself."

Which she did and then drove off. But she couldn't stand smelling like a grease monkey.

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What about the turntable? Did you hear it? What are your impressions?

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combo of Orto Anna, SAT tonearm and 'table was impressively coherent and tonally superb plus rock-solid stability. Didn't hurt playing through 500,000 dollar Marten Coltrane Supreme speakers. I've heard them at a few shows and they are (as they should be) mesmerizing....
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I'm not to sure about the design on this turntable, but I think a matching pair of Chrome Car Nutz for your truck & turntable would impress your guests. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

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Interesting, as I just learned about the brand myself last month. Typical story of an audio enthusiast who built a 'table, displayed it at the Portuguese Audio Show, and a company was born. I like the looks - kind of a chunky art deco - but understandably not to everyone's taste. The brand has some recognition in Europe. Would be an interesting addition to the offerings we have stateside.

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Did you get a vibe for the ergonomics of it?

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Yes. Well-constructed and easy to use but there is one oddity: the motor housing is attached to a long and heavy pendulum
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... I'm so Proud that it is designed and built in Portugal by such an amazing enthusiast like Rui Borges. There is so much care and technology and accuracy into making any RB turntable, it's quite unbelievable and it is probably very unique in today's world.

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A few years ago, I wrote to stereophile to draw attention to this extremity well build Turntable. And by the way, it sound's fantastic.

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By the way, many thanks to AnalogPlanet and all the effort to keep the most beautiful (and best) audio format alive.
We do the same in our national audio forum.