Sonus Veritas May Sound Italian But It's Made in North Carolina

Sonus Veritas, located in Apex, North Carolina arrived at RMAF with an ambitious electronic line-up that included the $15,999 Genoa preamp, $15,999 Modena D/A converter, price to be determined Florence monoblock amplifier and of greatest interest to you, three versions of its ambitious Venice phono preamplifier.

The company was founded in 2009 by two audio enthusiasts: Joe Rosovitz (president), who has a background in computers, banking and professional services, and Kevin Carter (vice-president and chief engineering officer) who has a PHD in biological science and is a self-taught electronics designer.

The basic Venice priced at $21,999 is an intriguing Class A differential unit featuring two pure copper input transformers. The Venice features a three stage, differential transformer coupled hybrid circuit. The input is transformer coupled using Lundahl transformers and JFETs, followed by an all tube section supported by solid state devices using a pair of 6N23Ps (6922 equivalent) and four 6N30Ps, followed by a transformer coupled output stage (as best as I could understand what was being thrown at me in the crowded room).

The Venice features two balanced/unbalanced RCA stereo inputs (XLR inputs optional) and both XLR balanced and RCA single ended outputs. The unit also features mono, polarity inversion, mute and gain controls as well as resistive loading and a "TubeLife" Monitor that tells you when tubes should be replaced. The circuit was designed to maintain sonics throughout the tubes' life.

Gain in MM (without transformers) is 46dB or 52dBs. With transformers, 64dB, 70dB and 76dB gain.

This looks like a serious piece of analog kit!

The step-up version featuring one pure silver and one pure copper input raises the price to $24,999. If you wish both input transformers of silver, it will cost you $27,999.

john.tracy's picture

Serious indeed. I have lived with a beta version of the Venice for three years now.  As a DIYer I have been able to experience all the changes to the circuit as the design has matured. In the beginning it was a very good phono pre; now, in its latest incarnation it has the uncanny ability to put you the listener and the performers in the same space. It's able to provide a huge dose of the audio magic that I crave from my gear. Michael is going to enjoy this review.