At CES 2018 Pro-Ject Announces New Apple Corps. Licensed Yellow Submarine Turntable

Peace and Love Dept.: Pro-Ject's new Yellow Submarine turntable launched at CES 2018. Embargo on this news just lifted. Price TBD.

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What's the purpose of the large glass platter underneath the regular (plastic?) platter?

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it actually looks like a traditional glass platter on top of a plastic subplatter.

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Ah I see, I think you're right. That would put the arm in correct proportion to the platter too. Thanks for clarifying.

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Makes me wonder who actually buys these novelty items. Did they give any sort of indication as to how many of their past novelty items they sold?

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If by "novelty items" you are referring to Project's other Beatles inspired tables and such, I have to inform you that those are not "novelty" tables. They are the same as their other fine tables such as the Debut line and up, they just have a different paint job is all. Project does things right, just ask Michael. This Yellow submarine table is not that different from the odd shaped tables Rega puts out. I don't know if the drive disc under the glass is plastic or not, it could be painted heavy aluminum for all I know. What I do know is that Heinz reinvests in his company at every turn and is always upgrading his products while somehow keeping prices down to earth. It is what one must do to be competitive. Heinz has a true passion for making affordable fine audio and getting into the hands of as many folks as possible. The tables are not made with plastic in Thailand or what have you. Project is also OEM for other makes, in case you did not know that. They have a new state of the art manufacturing facility too. I always recommend Project tables to folks who are looking to get into or back into analog. I have seen much thanks to Michael and Project does not cheap out on stuff. I hope to be getting their DS phono preamp soon even though I already run a Musical Fidelity Phonomena. I just like the genius design of the Project pre with all the accessible controls as opposed to using special tools and magnifying lens to access the same on my Phonomena.

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a Project Debut table which sounded better than it had any right to at the price. Real analog sound.
Warm and rich with nice detail. Well made with no design flaws. The only thing that could be improved on was the cartridge and even w that limitation was always an enjoyable listen. I've only read good things about their higher priced designs.

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Project does it right. By the way, the tonearm will handle better cartridges, so upgrading that it easy. That is another beautiful thing about analog, want to upgrade your sound? Ok, get a different cartridge or just replace the felt mat (you should anyway) with cork or something, etc. Of course it all hinges on proper setup. Bottom line, try upgrading you sound quality with digital for $100 or $200 or even just a tweak here or there,....can't be done!
Check out Michael's videos with Heinz from Project and you will learn why and how project does it.

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...or leave the cartridge in place and upgrade the stylus, as I did with my Debut III - made a noticeable difference.

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Now, if you could only hang it on the wall and have it play in the vertical plane!

I could spin my Sgt. Pepper picture disc!

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Should have had Ringo sitting down by the lever, though.

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Who cares if it gets more people to playing vinyl and enjoying the experience. I always thought the British flag plinth of Rega's were neat. Not everything needs to be black.

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Looks like fun!

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All part of the fun.

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I love the yellow headshell/cartridge. I wonder if there will eventually be a Blue Meanies/Flying Glove option?!

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Try this one... :-)