Ken Micallef Interviews AnalogPlanet Editor Michael Fremer About Duke, Lloyd and "Getting There"

Here's part 3 of Ken Micallef's interview conducted here a few weeks ago. I was on fire having fun, but not "on" anything....just to be clear. I talk fast. I have no idea how many more segments he'll pull from the afternoon, but his visual inserts are hilarious!

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Enjoying these short personal videos.

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My original amp was the same as yours. A friend of mine built it for me and it lasted at least 20 years and may still be going as far as I know. I had KLH model 17 speakers (couldn't afford the AR-3s), an AR turntable with a Shue M-97 cartridge. So much great music was put out in 1969 and 1970. Those were magical times...And, I had 18 year old ears with which to listen!

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First off, fantastic interview videos, so thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed you showing and talking about the various records you brought out for the interview.

CTI Records is and has been for at least a decade, one of my favorite jazz labels. For reasons I will never understand, Jazz Purists have turned their nose to CTI and so to the average jazz fan, they’ve have this unwarranted stigma attached to them. It’s absolutely a travesty, because people are missing out on some fantastic jazz from the 1970s. On a positive note, because of that stigma, finding VG+ to NM original copies of the CTI catalogue in record stores and record fairs, for anywhere from $4-$20 depending on the title, has been wonderful for someone like me who has sought out every release. Even though I have managed to collect just about every CTI vinyl release, including comps and live records, I still buy at least one CTI record, regardless if I already have it, almost every time I go used record shopping.

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Just found a 1 pressing of Blues and the Abstract Truth for 25 buck at Vintage vinyl in NJ in (e) condtion