Ken Kessler & Michael Fremer Interviewed on The Jay Jay French Connection Podcast

The "Jay Jay French Connection Podcast" just published the Ken Kessler and Michael Fremer "Analog Wars Part 1" Interview." Ken alone is hilarious, and me alone? Pretty funny, but the two of us together can be cataclysmic. No doubt you know who Ken is, but in case you don't know, Jay Jay French is a founding member of the heavy metal band Twisted Sister and a contributor to Stereophile. He also worked at now closed Lyric Hi-Fi in New York City. So, between Ken, me and John (Jay Jay) French, you have three guys with hundreds of years' experience. Listen here (or wherever you get your podcasts):


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Before I cue it up, do you get kicked out at the end?

If not, I will give it a go!


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Great interview. Another problem purchasing a ± $8,000 system in today's inflation-corrected prices is: average salaries - corrected for inflation - have stayed flat since the mid 70s (actually, gone down).

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I was shocked when I read that Lyric HiFi had shut their doors. One Sunday morning back when I lived near Sparta NJ my wife and I drove into Manhattan to pick up my second pair of Maggie’s.
The best part of the trip, other than my new speakers, was driving from their store (83-84th st) to 34th street without hitting a single red light. I may have exceeded the speed limit a few times.

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I was driving home early Sunday morning through (New York City)
Listening to gospel music on the colored radio station
And the preacher said, you know you always have the Lord by your side
And I was so pleased to be informed of this that I ran
Twenty red lights in his honor
Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord

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At about 26 minutes remaining, one of my favorite old 'rules of hi fi' showed up!

If your system cost more than your software, you have a system imbalance!

The loss of attainability of top level gear was also a worthy topic.

You guys also pegged when it all went south...1970, when they invented that bullshit term 'high end.'

The stories about Lyric were good, it takes away the sting of losing a brick and mortar store...karma was too slow for Lyric.

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I think some of the problem with the new generation and audio is that the older demographic isn't sharing excitement about listening to music. Instead to many of those that are just starting to get interested in music get talked down to by the 'experienced'. Most times when I see someone ask on a forum what a good turntable is to get for under X dollars; they get a lot of responses telling them they are stupid for not buying used. They get chastised that anything new for that price will be junk. Then if they ask what a good used one is they get a smart answer telling them to google ones they are looking at to see what the reviews say.

Instead of welcoming them into the world of audio they get the feeling they don't belong. Rather than sharing their passion too many try to show how much more they know.
How hard would it be to say "the best new turntables you can get for that prices is this or that, if you can afford more then you can get a lot better for this much more, if you want to consider used there are some great deals and some models worth looking for are...

I was shopping for a turntable a year ago and when looking at used ones, there are literally thousands of results that show up. I'm supposed to look up reviews on all of those? Which ones are going to likely need work?

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Foolish questions asked by lazy people result in ignorant answers from vain people. I can’t stand reading those posts.
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I've never been on facebook, but some of the people are probably the same as what are on the smaller audio only online forums.

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I remember back in uk in early 2000's the Dj's were still using Vinyl which was so glad to keep the pressing plants going, but I found some older superb record for a fe pounds sounded amazing on my Rotel 1970's turntable which I had changed motor for DC connected to Yamaha integrated amp & new recordings were being pressed too I would walk into HMV and ask for a latest Compilation Jazz/ Soul Lp and ask if it was available on Vinyl I would be so pleased if the assistance said yes !