After a 13 Year Hiatus, Korea's Machang Music and Pictures Again Pressing Vinyl Records

Seoul, Korea based Machang Music and Pictures a few weeks ago began pressing records at a brand new facility after a 13 year break (the email said 18 so not sure which is correct). For now the company operates two brand new made-in-Korea presses.

The plant is currently Koreas sole vinyl pressing facility. Three years of planning and development went into the vertically integrated project, which includes a lacquer cutting and plating facility at the company's studio in Majong-dong, Seoul. The two presses, which appear to be hand presses similar to the Newbuilt units at Jack White's new Detroit pressing plant, can turn out 1000 records a day.

The waiting line has already formed. The Korean vinyl market today is estimated to be worth around $9 million dollars, with 280,000 units sold in 2016 compared to 10,000 six years ago.

You can read more about it in this recent Korea Times story forwarded to AnalogPlanet by the company's marketing manager/producer.

Also, the company has produced these two YouTube videos:

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that's a whopping $32 per record
Are you sure of your figures, Michael?

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Are in the Korean newspaper story.
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It appears they (GZ) had plans for Korea, as they did in Canada. Any news about that?

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Pacific Audio Vinyl Pressing and Yong Tong A&V Manufacture Ltd. are two suppossed pressing plants in China, but the only information I managed to find is here

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Many videos like this show vinyl being pressed in a dirty manufacturing environment. Contaminates pressed in can cause noise. Machang cleanliness and QC is rarely, if ever seen.

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If those videos are not dressed up commercials there won't be any bad pressings coming out of that plant!
I've never seen a record pressing plant that resembles an industrial clean room and so many QC steps! Not a mass production facility indeed if every record is inspected like shown. If so, we don't need no stinkin mass production. Hey, can I have all my favorite records re-pressed there, please? ha.ha.ha...