Air Force Zero Turntable Debuts: If You Have to Ask Price, You Can't Afford!

TechDAS debuted the Air Force Zero turntable at a recent (March 16th) event in Japan that commences a "world tour" for the 771 pound turntable (not including power supply and air pumps) that will make its American debut April 9th and 10th at The Audio Salon in Santa Monica California. It will next appear at Munich High End May 9-12th.

The base frame of stainless steel weighs 220 pounds. The platter base of extra super duralumin weighs 77 pounds while the combined weight of five (count them) five platters weighs 260 pounds. Broken down there's a bottom 66 pound platter of forged stainless steel atop which is a second forged stainless platter weighing 44 pounds, topped by one of gunmetal weighing an addition 44 pounds, topped by a fourth forged stainless platter weighing an additional 44 pounds followed by a top platter of powdered sintered Tungsten weighing 61 pounds.

Belt drive is via a 3 phase 12 pole AC synchronous limited edition German Pabst motor. An electric motor powers the built in air suspension system. There are three power supply/air pump units weighing a total of 83 additional pounds. Dimensions are: 35" (W)x26" (D)x13" (H).

If you have to ask the cost, you cannot afford it but $300,000 is probably a good guess and there will be buyers.

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If the US price is comparable to the Japanese price, more like $385,000 or so.

Plus tonearm and cartridge, of course.

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I’ve bought houses for less. I can’t imagine anyone with enough money sense to have that much spending it that way. Seriously, if good sound is really important, that much money would hire an orchestra.

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I’ll just hire Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin to play in my living room.

Oh, wait…

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... will conjure up when tasked with achieving the same end.
Compare this unit to the Rega Naiad, which is also supposedly a cost-no-object device.

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Will this be "on deck" when your Continuum Caliburn finally bites the dust?

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Looks like something that landed in Dr. Who's garden.

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The first thing I thought of was, what do you sit it on??? Not what does it cost? You know you have it bad when the practical thoughts come up before the cost considerations.

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Where's all the gold plate?

That baby is totally 'undergilt!'

I wonder what it's 'zero to 33 1/3' time is?

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I wonder given its size, and photos, how much does one have to stretch over to put the record on the platter? As someone who suffers from back issues, just looking at that recessed platter gives me spasms. Of course parralax might be rearing its ugly head again.

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I too have back issues and the platter does seem to be set a bit back from the front of the 'table. The platter almost looks like it is a diameter that is meant to play 7" 45's since the rest of the turntable is so large!


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How do you actually get close enough to the platter to put a record on it?

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If I'm spending over 300K on a car it better look cool. Ditto for a turntable….that thing is ugly.

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I think it’s stunningly beautiful, best looking turntable I’ve seen.

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I am sure it sounds great, but it looks like something you would use to punish your records for misbehaving.

Where does the steam come out?