Analog Spark To Reissue from The Three Track Master Bernstein's "Rhapsody in Blue"/"An American In Paris"

Analog Spark, a Razor and Tie imprint headed by Mark Piro just announced some great upcoming AAA releases headlined by the iconic Bernstein/NYP recording of "Rhapsody in Blue" and "An American in Paris" cut by Ryan K. Smith using for the first time the original three track master tape.

But wait! There's more! Also coming this fall from Analog Spark: Laura Nyro's Eli and the Thirteenth Confession and New York Tendaberry, both cut from the original master tapes. These were engineered by the great Roy Halee.

Also coming from Analog Spark cut by Ryan K. Smith from the original mono master tape is Duke Ellington's Ellington Uptown.

Now that's all great news!

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No sooner do I get the Living Stereo SACD of Fiedler's version, now I have to mothball it and get this instead!
Stashed away in my collection, somewhere, I've got an RXR copy of "Tendaberry". Since I no longer have a deck to play it on, there's another 30 bucks gone!
Drat and blast it all! (Going for a nice strong drink, now.)

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I just bought a pristine original Living Sound pressing at the local thrift store. Sounds great. Paid 75 cents and no tax. Funny thing is that I almost paid $30 for the new pressing about a week before.

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I try for pre- or post-dynagroove stuff, most of the time. Rarely more than a buck a pop. Dick Schory "Bang, Barroom..." 100 pennies. Problem is, it's in horrible shape. G+ would be a stretch.
I have a preference for the Bernstein, though. It has a bit more of a New Yorksy (Yorkish?) flavor than Fiedler's version, in my semi-worthless opinion.

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I bought the Speakers Corner version a few months ago (perhaps it's now out of print), and it sounds quite good. That said, after hearing what Ryan K. Smith did with the West Side Story Broadway Cast LP from Analog Spark I may need this version! Michael, I look forward to a review comparing the two.

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..Are all of the releases scheduled for fall or is the Berstein/Gershwin an earlier release? Sorry if I am being rather thick.

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The Analog Spark website lists the Bernstein and Ellington titles in-stock now.

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Is being reissued by Analog Spark.
With the not very timeless masterpiece "Please Go All the Way" being the charting hit
Which for years I thought was "She's Gone AAAAway"

Will NOT be buying that one!

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Picked up a copy of Ellington Uptown the other day at Barnes & Noble, it sounds amazing.

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Somehow only music on vynil helps me to concentrate to do my homework on any subject. Can't explain this phenomenon!