AnalogPlanet Editor Receives Prestigious LA&OCAS Founder's Award

At the L.A. and Orange County Audiophile Society's annual GALA last Sunday, AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer was given the society's prestigious Founder's Award. It was also the Society's 25th anniversary so many of the past Founders award winners were on hand including Tim DeParavicini, EveAnna Manley and Richard Vandersteen, among others along with more than 200 of the society's 2600 members.

The event was also the society's first annual "Album of the Year" award, which this year went to Wayne Shorter's sprawling epic Emanon. On hand to accept the award was Blue Note President Don Was and Joe Harley who announced a new "Tone Poet" series of Blue Note releases that will be produced with the same care and precision as the Music Matters Blue Note releases favored by audiophiles and jazz enthusiasts who want the best possible quality in sound, pressing and packaging.

Stereophile editor on chief John Atkinson introduced Fremer after remarks by Acoustic Sounds' Chad Kassem said a few words as did Fremer's sister Susan. The editor then got up to accept the award, after which Albert Lord III gave Fremer a plaque from the City of Los Angeles. Then a big surprise from Charles Kirmuss, but more about that when the full video posts.

Here's a small portion of Fremer's remarks captured on a cell phone. The event was filmed with three HD cameras and that version will eventually be posted here and on the AnalogPlanet YouTube channel.

acceptance speech excerpt

Entertainment was provided by Yarlung recording artists The Yuko Mabuchi Trio and later by a raffle of more than $66,000 worth of incredible prizes.

Fremer also spent an afternoon with video producer Ben Williams. That footage and the afternoon's speeches, entertainment and other events will be posted here and on the AnalogPlanet YouTube channel as soon as possible! And a big THANK YOU to Bob Levi for organizing and running another incredible GALA!

Roy Martin's picture

Well deserved.

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ramseurrecords's picture

Where would we all be without you? I for one would be wealthier. In all seriousness though... congrats. Thanks for taking a stand.

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Congratulations Michael, and thank you for all the years of dedication to the joys of vinyl collecting and playback. My experience has been heightened by your sage advice and humor all these years.

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Well deserved!

theboogeydown's picture

Your faith and passion for vinyl paying off once more. I'm guessing this would have been a near impossible concept say, 15 years ago but you stuck with it! Well earned, Cheers!

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Very well deserved, sir - although a bit overdue IMO.

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Anton enjoyed reading about the award Michael received. He is happy for Mr. Fremer.

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ha, replied one commenter.

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Well deserved Michael

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Congratulations to a very passionate Analog dude. Cheers to you Michael.

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We are all indebted.

Plus you are just about the most reliable reviewer I can think of. When I get to hear items that you have reviewed my opinion nearly always coincides with yours. Mind you that could just mean that we are mostly wrong in the same way :-)

Anyway, Congratulations.

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I'm very happy for you Michael. Well deserved.

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Congratulations Michael and very, very much deserved!


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Just an added thought. For all we read in print, both physical and electronic, I can't even imagine over the decades how much of your time and effort has gone into reporting/promoting vinyl! It boggles the mind.


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Well done! Sorry I missed it, but I was busier than a cat trying to cover turds on a marble floor and could not make it.

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As one of the apostles in the wilderness back in the early digital onslaught when Doug Sax, yourself, and very few others were commenting on digital shortcomings this award is well deserved.

gMRfk6LMHn's picture

For me, Michael getting the award is vindication for all those people who stuck with vinyl and proclaimed that vinyl sounds better CD! He has unequivocally proven that we are not 'MAD'!

James, Dublin, Ireland

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You have made all of our lives better! Thanks

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Michael. Thank you for the hard fight.
Richly deserved.

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Well done! Sorry I missed it.

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