Analogplanet Has Egg on its Record: Academy Records Gets An Apology

We screwed up publishing the "records in the dumpster in front of Academy Records" news item. Yes, we confirmed that the records were there but that's not the real story according to Academy owner Mike Davis who was rightfully pissed. We apologize profusely for our error.

Let his email be the correction.

"You could have at least tried to get your fact straight regarding the dumpster in front of the old Academy.

First of all, we moved five months ago. Those records belonged to the new landlord, not us, and it wasn't us who threw them out. We took 99% of our records with us and left 1% behind.

In the months before we moved we gave away thousands of records and sold thousands more for under a dollar, these are the ones that didn't move. And we advertised all of this on Craigslist, Twitter and numerous websites.

30 seconds of Googling could have told you all of this, but I guess that's too much to expect from 'journalism' these days. The only reason that this is a "public relations debacle" is uninformed people like you repeating nonsense on the internet.


Mike Davis, Owner, Academy Records

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I am happy to see an apology where it's due. I did think that the posting about Academy records was quite hysterical and some of the responses calling to ban this shop were plain stupid.

I respect Mr. Fremer and bought many records on his recommendation. I admire his work in promoting vinyl but it is not the first time that he voiced opinions about others which were childish and out of order. A silly argument about the people running Numero records was another one that comes to mind.

I am sure that having strong opinions is important in getting the message across but I also think that in a journalistic job it is important to check the facts first and be careful about hurting other peoples feelings.

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Makes it easy to post things instantly. Erring on the side of caution is boring. Erring on the side of instant gratification can be dangerous. I try to split the difference and it doesn't always work out.... but considering how many stories post here generated by one person, I think what you refer to is rare.

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Sometimes one, sometimes the other.  Such is life.

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Records in a dumpster....hmmmm...hmmmm.? We are saving them, just like everything else that goes in OUR dumpster.  

A dumpster....the new wave of record storage.  Ladder is optional. Taking dumpster-diving to a new art form. 

Oh, Michael, the grief you must get we know nothing about.  And you didn't even throw the guy who gave you the tip under the bus. 

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I would rather read edgy, passionate commentary, with the occasional wild shot, than to settle for smarmy, milquetoast blogging (available everywhere) designed to say nothing and offend no one. Onward, Mr. Fremer.

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Who's never seen a record that belongs in a dumpster?

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I told you they moved months ago. 

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Don't Sweat it Michael.

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That, was good old fashioned scolding, followed by a cheerful admission of screwup.  :)

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. . .for audio, vinyl, turntables, for music! is why I follow Fremer, and Dudley, and Meijas and Lavorgna. Don't ever change.   

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My wife enjoys telling the story of our early arrival for a family meal in lower Manhattan. When the rest of our family showed up, they found me well into a dumpster across the street sorting through albums with a street person. He looked at me and said, 'Ah, you can keep 'em.' Found a few good things that day... but I did leave the Liberace albums.

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...with no buts.

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Makes for good stories. I for one will miss it!

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Who's Driving Your Plane?  :)

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New Yorkers

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Realy? Thats the issue? Please, move along. Shit happens, but I'd still rather read it here first. Keep up the good work Mikey.

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Into the dumpster goes; a worn out drive belt, a useless needle, unusable cassette tapes/8tracks/cds...and vinyl, too.