AnalogPlanet Spins Vinyl at Next Week's Florida Audio Expo

At next week's Florida Audio Expo in Tampa, Florida (Thursday-Sunday, February 8-10th), AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer will spin records and play 96/24 files from vinyl in the VAC/The Audio Company/Von Schweikert Audio Kilgore Suite located on the second floor of the Embassy Suites by Hilton at Tampa Airport Westshore located five minutes from the airport.

Appearances are scheduled for Friday at 5PM and Saturday at 2PM and 5PM. Each session will last about an hour or until they kick me out. So if you're attending the show please stop in!

gMRfk6LMHn's picture

Any chance it could be recorded either on video or audio for playback here?

Absolutely loved the video on Manley!

James, Dublin, Ireland

Michael Fremer's picture
The copyright issues would be horrendous so I wouldn't be able to present the music...but maybe even a seriously edited version could work. I'll see!
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I will be there!

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Please save me a seat Friday?

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The Audio concert in Florida is really amazing and I get full of entertainment in it. So I wanna to book my seat for next week session and website help me a lot to find out useful task. Thank you!