I was a guest today on Evan Toth's WFDU (Fairleigh Dickenson University) radio show. Mr. Toth called recently and asked if I'd like to be on his show, which runs on the Internet and I said "sure". His show is called "Garden State Sound" and features music by New Jersey artists.

First I said he should come over and spend some time in "the chair", which he did. This morning I digitized T 96/24 tunes for airplay. Unfortunately there was no way of playing them at native resolution so I burned a CD. I'm not sure how much, in terms of sound quality, comes across over the Internet anyway.

I approached station staffers about a weekly Internet radio show (a good choice since readers are located all over the world) and they were receptive so I'm thinking about it. Would you listen once a week? Click below to listen to the show:

Garden State Sound: 6/5/15 (Michael Fremer) by Evan Toth on Mixcloud

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I'd definitely tune in every week!'s picture

Honestly- I'm surprised you don't already have a podcast. Yes- do it! suggestion: a segment that reviews LP's- sound quality- new and old releases. I'm often lost as to what's the best release of certain albums- 1st press?UK? US? Japanese? re-issue? etc. Thanks!

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Yahoo :-)

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it were "on demand". If it were at a specific time, probably wouldn't work out for me as my schedule is uncertain.

Love the idea of comparing versions of popular lp's.


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...I would be delighted to listen every week!

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Of course I would listen to your show.

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I own two table top internet radios (currently listening to WDCB-Chicago); one portable; and one internet tuner plugged into my stereo system. So, yes, I would tune in to your program.

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Isn't there a way you could do it from your home, using vinyl as your source? yeah, it gets digitized in the process, but you could play stuff at whim. BTW, in NY, at least in the old days, 'getting the chair' was not necessarily a good thing!

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Fantastic medium for you and you have so much ground to cover. In addition to topics others have mentioned; managing collections, cleaning recommendations, etc. You have so much to offer!
I have to walk 2 miles a day; sync to the phone via iTunes or whatever and away we go.

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This is a need and only you can fill it. You simply must!

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Most likely

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Go for it, Mr Fremer.

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I would definitely listen to a weekly program. Seems kinda fun.

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Weekly would be fantastic.

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Yes, this is a great idea. There is nothing else like this in the podcast world. You should give it a shot!

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Your appearances on HT GEEKS with Scott Wilkinson are the best. Having music and hifi content discussed weekly would be even better. I'm ready to listen.

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I would certainly listen PROVIDED it was the same day and time every week. I can live with the UK/US time difference but catching it would be difficult if I didn't know when it was on.

A word of caution. Producing a regular half-hour or whatever show every week will take up a HELL OF A LOT of your time.

Also remember you will have 'accidentally' become a professional radio presenter. Don't forget to tell them that such people are quite highly paid :)

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Count me in too! I would definitely tune in .. located in Cork, Ireland.

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love the idea of comparing pressings

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Or so I've heard it called. I would love a podcast for download, but can't catch anything in a specific time slot.

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Why be content with a mere radio show? We want a TV show!

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Would be great to have episodes available in my podcast app. I've become a regular listener of Home Theater Geeks.

I find your opinions very interesting, intriguing, frustrating and occasionally annoying. What more would anyone want?

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I would definitely tune in!

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I also think you need to hook up with Marc Maron and be a guest on his podcast WTF. I think you guys would get along great and have a good time chatting about music and comedy. Let's make that happen.

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That could be arranged. It would be a blast..
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This Mixtape app requires live streaming to listen. That's not ideal. If you have a regular show, it would be great to negotiate rights to make the show available for download as a regular podcast. This would make the show easy to listen to anywhere without worrying about use of a specific app or access to mobile data.

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It will be a downloadable and/or always accessible online file.
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to show the digital community what real internet-radio shall be! On the other hand, I still use a valved Leak Throughline tuner. You could try to send via FM. That would beat HiRez anytime!

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Really enjoyed the show. Please do it! I will surely listen.

Take care...Dave

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Good Job Mike.

Would tune in.


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Did you really think you had to ask!

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give it a go

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Remember the story of how John and Yoko met? John climbs a ladder that is part of Yoko's art exhibit. He expects to find a message, perhaps one of negativity, protest or one freighted with some off-putting ideology. At the top of the ladder he looks through a magnifying lens and sees in it's barest essence just one word...YES

It would be a delight to tune in and hear you! We've got a "feeva" and there's only one prescription...we need more Fremer!

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can't wait