Analogue Productions Readies Doors Box Set and Separate Box For Those Already Owning the Albums (Updated Again)

Analogue Productions will have for sale on February 5th a deluxe box set edition of its six double 45rpm 180g Doors reissues. The magnetic door front opening box (there must be a tech-packaging name for it that I don't know) is beautifully and ruggedly manufactured inside and out. It feature a gray cast covering containing a ghostly iconic image of Jim Morrison on the front cover and the group on the back.

The box also includes a full-sized full color printed on heavy stock booklet featuring album notes and a short interview conducted just before Jim Morrison's death by Ben Fong-Torres. It also contains short production notes by Bruce Botnick and one revelation: the multichannel SACDs will be up sampled from the 96k/24 bit files Botnick produced from the multitrack tapes for the DVD-A surround sound edition of a few years ago. NOTE: the two channel stereo layer was mastered from the analog tape to DSD by Doug Sax. Sorry for the omission and/or confusion!

The booklet's layout and graphic content are outstanding and include images of the master tapes and in the case of the first album the copy of the master used on that album for the box (the master tape was not useable).

The box will be available with all six albums for $400 and for those who already own them, as a stand-alone empty plus booklet for $100.00. The SACD box will be released March 5th and cost $280, with individual SACDs available the same day for $30.00 each.

If you don't want the box, of course you needn't buy it, but its quite snazzy and for "completists" and/or Doors fetishists, it's a labor of love "must have."

Like most everything coming from Analogue Productions of late, the packaging and presentation are "world-class"

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At $100 I could buy more vinyl but since I own all The Doors 45 LP's it's possible I'll cave for this. Maybe.

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The Doors' first album was the first rock and roll LP I ever bought, the cover was coded EKS-74007 (stereo), but the record inside was mono, EKL-4007, Tan label,and I fell in love with the sound of that issue.  The runout groove has some writing in it, aside from EKL-4007 and N E W, it looks like G 6 JH (Jac Holzman?).  I also have:

  • a stereo LP tan label pressed later I think
  • a 33 1/3 mono reissue on heavy vinyl from a few years ago,
  • a 1999 96/24 remastered Elektra CD,
  • a 2007 Rhino CD reissue, with the speeds of the songs adjusted,
  • and the 2007 DVD-A box set that includes the DVD-A and a CD.

So, my obvious rhetorical question is, aside from the quality of packaging and the love lavished on this collection, do really need to purchase a 45 rpm 2xLP of the first album, plus will the SACDs be any improvement over the DVD-As?

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