Analogue Productions Releases First Wave of Beach Boys Albums

Analogue Productions has released its first wave of mono and stereo Beach Boys albums.

Titles now available are:

Surfer Girl

Surfin' USA

Shut Down Vol. 2

Little Deuce Coup

Surfin' Safari

Some of the the videos documenting their production, removed from our site due to legal issues, have been restored.

rshak47's picture

from Acoustic Sounds as soon as they were released. Excellent sound, and the quality of the vinyl is what I've come to expect from Quality Record Pressings: perfectly flat, very quiet surfaces. I don't have any of the original pressings of these titles and cannot comment on how they stack up against the reissues (or vice versa).

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I have purchased and listened to all five monos extensively. In comparison to my '63-'65 monos of SUSA, SG and LDC in VG condition, the AP's are warm, full bodied and remarkable in sound stage creation.
Are there better versions out there in the Land of Unobtainium? Perhaps. But for $30 (or about $4 in 1964 dollars) hard to imagine these being beat - perhaps forever - as no doubt these old masters can't take much more, and who's going to give them the kind of care Chad and Kevin bring to the table?
My son & brother, after hearing these at New Year, are planning to grab them all as well - they were loving the warmth and detail as was I.
If you have versions you love, stay put. But I suspect these are superior to just about anything else.