The Annual WFMU Record Fair Is This Weekend!

The annual WFMU Record Fair comes to the Brooklyn Expo Center this Friday through Sunday featuring 28,000 square feet of records, 45s, CDs (?), books, collectibles and the usual gang of idiots plus live bands and broadcasts. This is always a great show just like they used to make them except that with the Internet prices are more uniform (though there are still bargains from vendors who don't know certain "stuff" and other great deals from people just there to unload their records at ridiculously low prices).

$30 gets you early admission on Friday from 1-4pm plus free entry Saturday and Sunday. Regular admission is $8 Friday 4-8PM, Saturday 10am-7PM and Sunday 10AM-6PM (PTL). Live bands will perform and WFMU will broadcast live from the fair. Maybe I'll see you there! Flash the visual at the top of the page when you enter and get $3 off! That leaves more money for records!

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I'd love to be there! I need to check if Todd-o-phonic Todd will be broadcasting from the record fair!

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Will be on Sunday I believe. I will go Friday. I'd go over and say hello if I was there Sunday and thank him for having you on his show!
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that plays sounds of electric insects buzzing off for about 20 minutes?:)
i would like to meet radio ravioli for sure....

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BUT I LOVE THE SOUND OF ELECTRIC INSECTS BUZZING OFF FOR ABOUT 20 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My local record show is tiny, but monthly.

Don’t forget the fantastic value of the $2 boxes! I’ve pulled $20 and $30 records out of them on occasion! (Especially if you can clean/restore them). I once picked up a VG+ copy of Neil Young’s Decades LP (original pressing of course) for $2, cleaned and restored it and the next thing I knew I saw it in same condition as I purchased it going for $60!

For me though it is not about the monetary value at all though. For me, it is about the music, which is timeless and priceless. (Ok, I also like a challenge to restore records, because if successful the pay-off is worth more than my entire system and labor because I get to enjoy listening to it. I’m currently working on some German Beatles pressings and an original mono US pressing of Revolver).

Another great thing about used records is the education one gets!

Can't get any of that from a stream!